Introducing Customizing Analytic Workspace Manager

Customizing Analytic Workspace Managerg

The Java code and the XML documents for the examples are available in the file. That file contains the following files.

Briefly describes the contents of the .zip file.
Contains XML elements that specify calculation templates that appear in the Create a Calculated Measure dialog box of Analytic Workspace Manager. The XML is Example 1-9 of Customizing Analytic Workspace Manager.
Contains XML elements for folders that Analytic Workspace Manager displays in the navigation tree at the same level as Schemas and Reports. The XML is Example 1-3 of Customizing Analytic Workspace Manager.
Contains the .java and .class files for the Java plug-in classes and the .xml files for the XML documents that are the examples in Chapter 2 and Chapter 3.

The Customizing Analytic Workspace Manager is available from the Oracle Database Documentation Library for 11g Release 2 (11.2) at the following location.

On the documentation library page, expand the Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence list and select Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), and then select the HTML or PDF version of the document.

You can download the file by selecting the following URL.