Fixed in Release Cumulative list of fixed bugs since
Bug Number Description
========== ===========

2880356 JDBC generates a lot of DMS metrics when Statement Caching is enabled
3065696 setSesionTimeZone leaks cursors
3423720 ORA-2268 / ORA-1756 connecting from JDBC with non US7ASCII Locale
3636847 Data corruption from setClob using temporary oracle.sql.clob with NCLOB column
3686843 Client side dump calling PLSQL with CURSOR OUT parameter on OracleOCIConnectionPool connection
3771352 Connections with a login timeout may fail with an IO Exception
3854134 OERI:KGHALP1 with JDBC clients accessing HS datasource
3889345 JDBC maximum bind lengths may be wrong
3890992 JDBC XA error -3 returned when rollback with invalid timeout xid
3948754 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException using JDBC Thin with FAILOVER clause
3965969 JDBC statement caching uses lots of memory
4009080 setcharacterstream + form_nchar gets array out of bounds exception for >4000 ch
4009757 getConnection sometimes returns null
4013173 JDBC NullPointerException if error message has invalid character
4028215 setreadonly erroneously creates read only transaction
4044730 commit using oracle JDBC update batching may cause data loss
4051321 Enhancement: Add oracle.jdbc.ReadTimeout for JDBC Thin
4054638 SetPlsqlWarnings() returns null for error settings of plsql_warnings
4063081 JDBC through HS returns ORA-3001 with inserting data over 1000 bytes long
4063582 setQueryTimeout() method does not work for resultSet.insertRow()
4065814 JDBC driver using XA returns XA_RMERR when a deferred constraint is violated
4072481 Date values are incorrect using 10g JDBC
4099676 JDBC cannot update via OracleCachedRowSet if rows contain NULL column value/s
4100695 2-PC fails to commit intermittently (error code 17410)
4118188 JDBC Thin proxy connections use large pool for dedicated connections
4118493 System.gc is invoked from RowSet
4139686 Statement->setMaxParamSize sets actual size rather than max size for Bytes type
4141076 OracleImplicitConnectionCache.ProcessWaitTimeout can cause IllegalArgumentException
4153256 SQLException PLS-418 binding IN OUT PLSQL TABLE from JDBC
4155824 Wrong result with JDBC OCI call to PLSQL procedure with IN OUT table
4159795 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException converting certain numbers to a String
4177549 Hang when executing a JDBC batch with large stream bind
4183195 Calling commit during "standard batching" incorrectly discards pending batches
4205477 updateBinaryStream() fails with SQLException for < 2000 bytes
4251633 OracleCachedRowset does not delete a row inserted without a commit
4252999 OERI:12333 from JDBC MERGE SQL with a batch size > 1
4272639 JDBC returns XAER_RMERR in xa_commit
4285240 Cannot quiesce replication group with readonly JDBC connections
4288494 executeUpdate on closed CallableStatement gets NullPointerException
4294423 internal error: image is not in 8.1 format
4297642 OracleConnectionCacheImpl keeps maxlimit + 1 connections using DYNAMIC_SCHEME
4299832 JDBC null string binds can fail with ORA-1459
4338390 setDouble on an inserted number value produces corrupt number
4355542 Cannot use JDBC (SQL92) bind syntax with anonymous PLSQL blocks
4365273 NullPointerException in executeBatch after a previous SQLException
4375870 OracleOCIConnectionPool default constructor missing some initialization
4388999 Multithreaded JDBC gets NetException accessing LONG RAW
4390125 JDBC update count is wrong with batching
4399371 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException using statement caching
4430238 Columns are interchanged when connecting to AL32UTF8 database with JDBC
4434249 ORA-2051 at non-native XAresource.end() when other branch is prepared
4439540 Close of ScrollableResultset may deadlock at Java level
4448950 OERI:12333 binding a NULL as FIXED_CHAR from JDBC
4451780 Client side dump using getObject() on a closed Statement
4459467 Formatting "0" returns incorrect value if format mask does not have any decimal
4463416 Resultset.getDate can return ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
4488715 ORA-1483 on changing bind types for numeric/date binds
4489098 initxa.sql needs to specify pragma
4492522 PhysicalConnection.getVersion is syncronized
4499144 refreshCache( REFRESH_INVALID_CONNECTIONS ) does not work

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