Oracle OLAP Newsletter Customer Feature

Leviton Manufacturing require daily, accurate, up to date sales and cost information to allow aggressive pricing and effective sales, for the Sales field and Executives. Requirements were for a nightly load for line level of data. Other products were evaluated; it was Oracle 10g with the OLAP option that provided the scalable, secure and performant enterprise wide analytical solution that could be developed and rolled out quickly.


About the Solution:

The solution is Oracle 10g with the OLAP option, AWM 10g, OWB 10g and OracleBI 10.1.2 (mostly a BI Beans and Reports solution). Drill to detail in their ODS is available to users. The platform is LINUX, and RAC will be implemented later. Oracle Consulting and Vlamis Consulting helped to design and implement the solution and it took approximately 5 months to get to production status.  Loads are for 30,000 products, 17,000 customers and at a daily level of detail for 200,000 invoice lines. Load and complete full aggregate time is approximately 40 minutes and this fits, of course, within their tight nightly batch window. Additionally, the size of the AW has been reduced 10 times by using 10g and compressed composites!  Performance for complex time series calculations is very good.

About Leviton:

Leviton, based in New York, is the largest privately held manufacturer of electrical and electronic devices in North America. With eight business units and worldwide facilities and a product catalog of more than 25,000 distinct offerings, Leviton serves industrial, commercial, OEM, and residential markets through retail and distribution channels.


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