OLAP Newsletter Customer Feature Feb 08

Micros Systems is the world's leading developer of enterprise
applications serving the hospitality and specialty retail industries.
Their customers range from one-off independent hotels to many of the
world's largest hotel chains.

MICROS is in the process of enhancing its OPERA Enterprise Solution to include OPERA Business Intelligence, a tool built using Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBI EE) and
Oracle OLAP. Customers will be able to add the OPERA BI solution for a minimal cost. The new add-on product will provide customers with a 360 degree view of their entire chain or hotel, enabling in-depth analysis of revenue and profitability. In addition, they'll be able to review
historical performance data to more accurately project future bookings
and support appropriate planning.

The OPERA Enterprise Solution runs on Oracle Database. Because OLAP is an internal database option, its use brings several advantages. First, it makes both development and administration of the solution easier. Second, the cost to customers for OPERA BI represents a minimal additional investment. And third, and perhaps most importantly say Micros, Oracle OLAP enables excellent performance for sophisticated calculations and advanced reporting for instant decision making; Oracle OLAP actually runs the calculations and aggregates the data to return the data to OBI EE quickly. It should also be noted that OBI EE has allowed MICROS software engineers to build great flexibility and additional security into the application.

Francisco Silva, Director Business Intelligence for OPERA, states,
"Oracle Database is the backbone of our applications; utilizing the
Oracle OLAP database option makes OPERA BI an extremely cost effective extension to our product, thus making it very attractive for our customers. Moreover, the simplicity of having OLTP data, Data Marts and OLAP in the same database makes it possible to smoothly deploy BI - bundled in the OPERA suite - to hundreds of clients over the world. Our prospects are impressed by OBI EE's ability to display complex calculations with ease and its clear presentation of analytical



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