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Oracle Data Mining helps enterprises improve business processes, better understand customer behavior, identify unexpected opportunities, and anticipate problems before they happen. Having the right information at the right time helps you make more informed business decisions and solve critical business problems. Oracle Data Mining enables your organization to see the "forest for the trees" by identifying patterns in your data that normally go unnoticed. Emerging from Oracle's 30 year history of innovative technology, Oracle Data Mining provides answers quickly and easily, not only for your data analysts, but for your IT department as well.

Oracle Data Mining combines the power of Oracle Database, a suite of predictive analytic techniques, and the Oracle Data Miner graphical user interface to take you from data to information quickly and easily. Oracle Data Mining, an option to Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, provides a superior, cost effective analytical platform for users of Oracle technology.

Oracle Data Mining enables you to:
Make Better Decisions

Oracle Data Mining empowers you to make the important business decisions to simplify your analytical environment, reduce costs and redundant infrastructure, and provide your team with greater insights and predictive capabilities, all by virtue of putting powerful data mining algorithms into Oracle Database.

Having the right information at the right time is key for making better business decisions. With Oracle Data Mining, the data, models, and results reside in Oracle Database and so are immediately available to everyone in the orgniazation to drive the reports and applications that help them make better decisions.

Solve a wide range of business problems by using Oracle Data Mining's powerful collection of advanced and state-of-the art analytical techniques.

Extract More Value from Your Data

Collecting and maintaining data is expensive in terms of both machine and human resources. Don't let it sit idle in your database or data warehouse aging out. Use your data to better understand relationships, patterns, and predictions of what your customers are likely to do in the future.

Collapse complex processes traditionally required to convert data to information. Oracle Data Mining streamlines your analytical pipelines by reducing information latency. Transforms your Oracle Database into an immediate source of evidence-based predictions, deeper insights, and valuable, actionable new information. 

Avoid exposure to "information confusion" by maintaining a secure and single-source-of-truth information environment. Since data doesn't have to leave the database, use database security options and auditing to know where your data is and who has access to it. As a result, comply more easily with corporate governance requirements.

With Oracle Data Mining you can leverage all of your data. Capture a 360-degree view of your customer. Mine customer comments. Use spatial data. Combine transactional and demographic data...all to extract more value from your Oracle data investment. You can also leverage 30+ years of Oracle experience with ever advancing database technology to integrate data mining with the Oracle technology stack, other IT infrastructure, and database-driven applications.

Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership

Save money by eliminating redundant data and its associated costs in hardware, software, personnel, and its potential inconsistency. Reduce your dependency on traditional statistical departments with special hardware and software environments.

With Oracle Data Mining, your investment in Oracle technology goes further since you can manage and analyze your data in the same scalable, secure environment. Reduce training costs since DBAs and IT can leverage existing skills to administer your in-databse analytics, and Oracle's scalable technology, grow as you go.

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