Introducing our Newsletter for OLAP Reference Customers!
This Newsletter aims to give information to our OLAP Reference Customers to tell you about what other customers are doing, and what they have to say publicly about their experiences.

We'll also provide brief updates on OLAP products and share some tips. We'll be sending it out periodically. Let us know any other topics you'd like to see included in this newsletter. Click here if you want to be removed from this email list.

OLAP Reference Program
The OLAP Reference Program has been active for over a year now and has over 70 active customers worldwide who are working with OLAP. 

What is the OLAP Reference Program? The program is being run to assist customer projects move from design to production status as quickly and as effectively as possible.

Assistance can be given through the whole implementation cycle; we'll work with you, Oracle Support, Oracle Consulting and Oracle Sales Consulting to achieve a production solution. Help can come at any time in the project cycle: through the evaluation of OLAP, help with design, advice on implementation, performance tuning. An assigned Case Manager works remotely with you in an advisory role and will help and coordinate advice, can accelerate issue resolution and will provide product information directly from Development.  

In return you state your intention to participate in our Reference activities. This may simply be a quote which can be used in our Sales Collateral and in other Oracle marketing material. You may also participate in the Customer Reference Program where a Customer Profile or Success Story can be written and published on, and you can participate in joint Oracle events. You choose how much or how little you want to do.

How does the partnership work?

  • Customer follows achievable implementation plan to drive production schedule forward
  • Customer commits to become an Oracle OLAP reference
  • ORP commits a Case Manager
  • Facilitate progress toward production status
  • You provide Reference and are nominated to the Customer Reference Program where appropriate
  • Ongoing project involvement and knowledge transfer

Product Management OLAP Update

  • What's the latest RDBMS patch set that includes OLAP updates?  (PS # 3501955)
  • Are there any Oracle OLAP specific patches for  Yes,OLAP known as PS #3672399 for Unix and PS #3682236 for Windows.
  • Are RDBMS patch sets cumulative? Yes
  • Is currently available on all Oracle OLAP platforms?   Yes
  • Does contain all the code found in the OLAP patch (PS #3084634)?   Yes, in addition to other OLAP bug fixes.
  • Where do I find Oracle OLAP one-off patches or RDBMS patch sets?  OracleMetaLink
  • Are there any OLAP hot bugs that I should be aware of while running   NLS Users - internationalization bug 3640823 in PS #3672399. A re-release of this patch is expected in early July 2004. 

  • AWM
  • What's the latest version of AWM for Oracle9i OLAP Release 2?
  • Is AWM forward compatiblewith an Oracle Database   Yes
  • Where do I find AWM?   OTN
Oracle OLAP Education

 Oracle9i Database: Program with OLAP DML
 Oracle9i Database: Using OLAP 
 Oracle Database 10g: OLAP Enhancements
 Oracle9i JDeveloper:BI Beans Fundamentals 

Upcoming Oracle OLAP Events

 Oracle BI & Data Warehouse Seminar 2004
 10g: OLAP and Data Mining Technical Workshop


Customer Testimonial
BridgePoint, in North Carolina, USA have implemented an OLAP AW and BI Beans solution and had the following to say in a recent Press Release:

"Upon evaluation of our analytics platform choices, we have decided to switch to Oracle OLAP and Oracle BI Beans. The adoption of an all-Oracle solution not only reduces our overall cost of implementation, but also allows us to innovate around capabilities. Our choice to go with this embedded relational-olap technology platform provides us significant advantages by delivering increased flexibility and long-term strategic value for both BridgePoint and our customers. Immediate benefits to BridgePoint customers include reduced data latency and visibility to transactional data from within the context of analytics. We are pleased with Oracle's offering in this critical solution space." Ric Peller, Director of Development at BridgePoint.

About BridgePoint: BridgePoint is a US provider of global supply chain visibility solutions for global carriers and shippers.

DBA Tips
Do you need a way to determine the size and owner of Analytic Workspaces? Use this simple select statement in sql*plus:  
set pages5000 lines110
select dlob.owner, dlob.table_name aw_table, dseg.bytes/1024 kb, dseg.tablespace_name
from dba_lobs dlob, dba_segments dseg
where dlob.column_name= 'AWLOB' and dlob.segment_name = dseg.segment_name
order by dlob.owner,dlob.table_name;

owner  aw_table    kb tablespace
------ --------- ---- ----------
SYS    AW$AWMD      832 SYSTEM


Do you want to fine tune your db instance for OLAP? Make a few important and simple initialization parameter changes to make as much memory as possible available to Oracle:

db_cache_size  - set to 25% of RAM available to instance 
shared_pool_size - set to 10% of RAM available to instance
pga_aggregate_target - set to 25% of RAM available to instance

These settings assume DEDICATED server mode, which should be used in most cases. Further tune this by the using db_cache_advice feature and the Enterprise Manager (EM) console instance configuration memory tab.
olap_page_pool = This should be increased from the default 32M where there are few users; 64M would be an effective setting. Where there are lots of users, you should set olap_page_pool lower, depending on the available memory. For bulk data loading olap_page_pool can also be increased higher for that particular session (we recommend this to be set less than 250M). Talk to your Oracle Contact for Operating System specific recommendations.
Product Management BI Beans Update 

HOT *Oracle 10g BI Beta Program*
Click here to apply at the Beta Program WebSite

New features included in 10g Oracle Business Intelligence are:
  • Packaged query analysis solution with Discoverer
  • Access to OLAP data through Discoverer and the new OLAP Spreadsheet Add-In
  • Custom application development using Business Intelligence Beans
  • Thin Client Query Builder and Calculation Builder Beans
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