Oracle9 i Real Application Clusters Whitepapers
The following pages will provide Oracle9 i Real Application Clusters customers with the most up to date   technical and business papers and presentations which will help save you time and money designing the most flexible cluster database platform for all your e-Business applications.

PDF Oracle9 i Real Application Clusters Business Whitepaper
Oracle9i Real Application Clusters provides both scalability and availability as a single, easy to manage database product. A recent study by the Hurwitz Group on total cost of ownership found that almost 60% of companies identified scalability or availability as one of their top infrastructure concerns.
PDF Managing Oracle9 i Real Application Clusters
This white paper provides a summary of the key features in Real Application Clusters management and illustrates the benefits of using a common management framework.
PDF Building Highly Available Database Servers Using Oracle9 i Real Application Clusters
This white paper presents the architecture that makes Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) databases highly available while functioning as highly scalable database servers.
PDF Oracle9 i Real Application Clusters, Cache Fusion Delivers Scalability This paper describes the new cluster database architecture and illustrates how full Cache Fusion in Oracle9i Real Application Clusters exploits modern hardware and software technologies to provide the most flexible cluster database platform.
PDF Technical Comparison of Oracle9 i Real Application Clusters vs. IBM DB2 UDB EEE v8.1
The focus of this paper is to compare the deployment of a real world application in a cluster environment of Oracle9i Real Application Clusters (RAC) and IBM's DB2 Universal Database ESE V8.1 (DB2 ESE) parallel database. The reason for this focus is two fold. First, both databases have many features so we need to limit the scope of this paper to where both products compete. And secondly, if you are addressing the needs of today's IT environments, reliability, availability and scalability through modular growth, then clustering is the only solution that will provide a cost effective solution.
PDF Response to "Reality behind Real Application Clusters Marketing Messages"
This document is a response to specific allegations in Microsoft's paper - Reality behind Real Application Clusters Marketing Messages. It is not intended as a general Oracle9i Real Application Clusters (Oracle9i RAC) versus Microsoft SQL Server 2000 comparison. Instead, we will focus on the technical aspects and assumptions made by Microsoft and provide point by point rebuttals.
PDF Oracle9 i OLAP Scalability Using Real Application Clusters
Oracle conducted the only massive, concurrent multiuser OLAP test using Real Application Clusters (RAC). This scalability test was designed to demonstrate how Oracle9 i Release 2 OLAP Option benefits from the strengths of the Oracle database, providing levels of user scalability well beyond the reach of any competitive OLAP server.
PDF Database Architecture: Federated vs. Clustered
This paper is a technical evaluation of two different database architectures: the federated architecture, as represented by Microsoft SQL Server, and the shared disk architecture of Oracle9 i Real Application Clusters. We also explain how to interpret and use benchmark results from hardware and database vendors, and how various database features might be relevant in real customer situations.
PDF Configuring SAP R/3 4.6D for Use with Oracle9 i Real Application Clusters
Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) will become a supported solution for the database backend in a SAP R/3 installation shortly. Using SAP with Oracle RAC provides high availability and scalability. The purpose of this document is to describe the best practices for migrating an existing SAP R/3 4.6D installation from a single instance Oracle database to a multiple instance Oracle RAC cluster database configuration.
PDF Oracle9 i Real Application Clusters:
Oracle Applications 11i Standard Benchmark - Tuning and Best Practices
The Oracle Applications Standard Benchmark (OASB) was used to demonstrate the scalability and performance of the Oracle database in a multi-node cluster environment.

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