Fixed in Release Cumulative list of fixed bugs since
Bug Number Description
========= ===========

3735857 V$SESSION.OSUSER not populated for JDBC clients
4257485 ArrayIndexOutOfBounds from defineColumnType with over 100 columns
4294423 internal error: image is not in 8.1 format
4375870 OracleOCIConnectionPool default constructor missing some initialization
4388999 Multithreaded JDBC gets NetException accessing LONG RAW
4390125 JDBC update count is wrong with batching
4399371 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException using statement caching
4439540 Close of ScrollableResultset may deadlock at Java level
4448950 OERI:12333 binding a NULL as FIXED_CHAR from JDBC
4451780 Client side dump using getObject() on a closed Statement
4455912 Using a LONG column within a transaction causes xa_end() to hang in JDBC
4463416 Resultset.getDate can return ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
4488715 ORA-1483 on changing bind types for numeric/date binds
4489098 initxa.sql needs to specify pragma
4492522 PhysicalConnection.getVersion is syncronized
4499144 refreshCache( REFRESH_INVALID_CONNECTIONS ) does not work
4504411 JDBC can get ORA-6502 from PLSQL calls when supplying maxLength to registerOutParameter()
4509540 NullPointerException from omitting registerOutParameter() when calling PLSQL
4551137 NullPointerException when fetching raw column with NULL value
4594085 JDBC Thin sets timezone improperly
4629654 ORA-12705 at JDBC connect with mixed language/country for locale
4652261 setBytes() inserts null into BLOB column after a previous call to setNull()

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