Fixed in Release Cumulative list of fixed bugs since

Bug Number Description

4272639 JDBC returns XAER_RMERR in xa_commit

4398431 Hang when retrieving a connection from the implicit connection cache

4426058 First end-to-end metrics after start of VM are not sent to server

4507211 Thin JDBC connection properties terminal not reflected in V$SESSION

4509540 NullPointerException from omitting registerOutParameter() when calling PLSQL

4551798 JDBC clients can get OERI[12333] on cancel from second thread

4566966 ORA-1460 binding NCHAR to a CALL statement in JDBC

4580690 JDBC returns wrong date from a TIMESTAMPTZ column

4638698 JDBC getDate returns wrong value for a specific dates

4670851 Binding CustomDatum for a CHAR fails

4688040 JDBC does not support batch size > 65535 in 10g

4688156 NullPointerException possible if network error occurs

4714537 Named WHERE clause parameter must be surrounded by spaces

4732343 Type evolution not fully supported by JDBC

4736325 JDBC does not handle space between ":" and bind name

4751145 ArrayOutOfBoundsException when fetchsize is changed

4768476 ArrayOutOfBoundsException with many NCHAR OUT binds

4880797 Enhancement: Add JDBC support for Albanian and Macedonian Locales

4891464 NCHAR literal binds parsed incorrectly in JDBC

4896035 removeCache does not have an abort option

4904415 ORA-1459 with 2 PlsqlIndexTable binds in JDBC

4904868 JDBC deadlock using Scrollable ResultSet

4915735 getProcedures() returns duplicate rows

4931235 Dump (lxgu2t) / memory corruption from stored Java using String binds

4958448 JDBC XA cannot end a suspended transaction when using 2 connections

4963720 JDBC Statement cache holding more memory than expected

4998582 JDBC OCI throws exception executing PLSQL with OUT parameters using CALL

5019367 does not work when server / listener is hanging

5021342 Connection errors occur when interupting network with JDBC Thin

5045849 TIMESTAMP value incorrect when retrieved using getTimestamp with Calendar object

5058024 ArrayOutOfBoundsException executing SQL with using binds and ScrollableResultSet

5071674 handleAbandonedConnection() callback method does not work

5111887 Java thread deadlock registering OUT parameter concurrent with closing connection

5139924 OutOfMemoryError when getString is used against a Clob column

5157526 JDBC driver is not able connect using service_name and JNDI of J2EE servers

5174701 SQLException fetching Timestamp through getTimestamp()

5246867 V$SESSION.PROGRAM is not populated properly for JDBC Thin

See Also the Readme of the base release