The following table lists the JDBC bugs addressed in this patch set:

Bug Number Description
3844473 getString on a CLOB does not work with ScrollableResultSet
4439777 JDBC SQLException binding user ADT to PLSQL
4485954 JDBC describe of CHAR semantics column gives wrong size
4523729 JDBC XAConnection / XAResource should have one-to-one mapping
4563894 Cache parameter of createTemporary API in oracle.sql.clob is ignored
4659157 WE8MSWIN1252 characters not converted properly by JDBC Thin
4711863 setBigDecimal corrupts number for negative values
4722328 Unread CallableStatement refcursor OUT parameter causes dump
4999817 getIndexInfo() slow (performs ANALYZE operations)
5069831 SQLException "internal error" using JDBC batching
5086162 "character set not supported" occurs in JDBC using user defined character set
5124016 Implicit connection cache getConnection() blocked during up event processing
5176155 JDBC unable to properly locate the scope of an ADT
5231687 OERI:kokeeiix selecting an updated ADT which has evolved in JDBC
5256848 Corrupt results changing fetch size in JDBC
5347395 JDBC batch update returns ORA-910
5347429 handleAbandonedConnection is called every "property-check-interval" seconds
5354004 ArrayOutOfBoundsException selecting > 200 columns in JDBC
5356342 updateCharacterStream() causes ORA-1401 and ORA-12899
5385803 JDBC KRPB can dump [lxgu2t]
5499691 Non-recoverable ORA-1460 exception on a select
5499751 JDBC clearParameters destroys hidden generated key parameter
5506478 Using a scrollable resultSet can lead to a hang
5597215 Memory leak in Jdbc XA
5614685 Suspended transaction cannot be ended from another connection in JDBC XA
5635254 Wrong values can be inserted when using JDBC batch inserts
5657975 FCF does not work for 10.2 JDBC to 10.1 database
5658207 SQLException "missing in or out parameter at index" with clearParameters
5658909 connection.rollback() does not clear outstanding batches
5660734 JDBC does not update evolved types properly
5691585 getProcedureColumns method returns wrong number of rows when running against 10g
5721063 Retries fail after XAER_RMERR during xa_commit from JDBC
5752856 ArrayOutOfBoundsException with NCHAR literal in JDBC
5867781 NullPointerException from StructMetadata of a STRUCT with an ARRAY in it
5875110 NullPointerException closing OracleConnectionCacheImpl
5892966 No columns from getColumns() when includeSynonyms=true
5892995 JDBC XA should not need execute permission on DBMS_SYSTEM
5910901 OERI[17278] / OERI[17282][1001] from JDBC using REF CURSORS
5998293 No XA_PROTO ending a transaction that has not been started in XA
5998987 Incorrect values inserted when first row bound as NULL in JDBC
6006898 JDBC OCI driver does not failover on receipt of OCI FAN
6275369 JDBC Thin driver does not close the socket on IOException
4272639 JDBC returns XAER_RMERR in xa_commit
4398431 Hang when retrieving a connection from the implicit connection cache
4426058 First end-to-end metrics after start of VM are not sent to server
4507211 Thin JDBC connection properties terminal not reflected in V$SESSION
4509540 NullPointerException from omitting registerOutParameter() when calling PLSQL
4551798 JDBC clients can get OERI[12333] on cancel from second thread
4566966 ORA-1460 binding NCHAR to a CALL statement in JDBC
4580690 JDBC returns wrong date from a TIMESTAMPTZ column
4638698 JDBC getDate returns wrong value for a specific dates
4670851 Binding CustomDatum for a CHAR fails
4688040 JDBC does not support batch size > 65535 in 10g
4688156 NullPointerException possible if network error occurs
4714537 Named WHERE clause parameter must be surrounded by spaces
4732343 Type evolution not fully supported by JDBC
4736325 JDBC does not handle space between ":" and bind name
4751145 ArrayOutOfBoundsException when fetchsize is changed
4768476 ArrayOutOfBoundsException with many NCHAR OUT binds
4880797 Enhancement: Add JDBC support for Albanian and Macedonian Locales
4891464 NCHAR literal binds parsed incorrectly in JDBC
4896035 removeCache does not have an abort option
4904415 ORA-1459 with 2 PlsqlIndexTable binds in JDBC
4904868 JDBC deadlock using Scrollable ResultSet
4915735 getProcedures() returns duplicate rows
4931235 Dump (lxgu2t) / memory corruption from stored Java using String binds
4958448 JDBC XA cannot end a suspended transaction when using 2 connections
4963720 JDBC Statement cache holding more memory than expected
4998582 JDBC OCI throws exception executing PLSQL with OUT parameters using CALL
5019367 oracle.net.CONNECT_TIMEOUT does not work when server / listener is hanging
5021342 Connection errors occur when interupting network with JDBC Thin
5045849 TIMESTAMP value incorrect when retrieved using getTimestamp with Calendar object
5058024 ArrayOutOfBoundsException executing SQL with using binds and ScrollableResultSet
5071674 handleAbandonedConnection() callback method does not work
5111887 Java thread deadlock registering OUT parameter concurrent with closing connection
5139924 OutOfMemoryError when getString is used against a Clob column
5157526 JDBC driver is not able connect using service_name and JNDI of J2EE servers
5174701 SQLException fetching Timestamp through getTimestamp()
5246867 V$SESSION.PROGRAM is not populated properly for JDBC Thin
3735857 V$SESSION.OSUSER not populated for JDBC clients
4257485 ArrayIndexOutOfBounds from defineColumnType with over 100 columns
4294423 internal error: image is not in 8.1 format
4375870 OracleOCIConnectionPool default constructor missing some initialization
4388999 Multithreaded JDBC gets NetException accessing LONG RAW
4390125 JDBC update count is wrong with batching
4399371 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException using statement caching
4439540 Close of ScrollableResultset may deadlock at Java level
4448950 OERI:12333 binding a NULL as FIXED_CHAR from JDBC
4451780 Client side dump using getObject() on a closed Statement
4455912 Using a LONG column within a transaction causes xa_end() to hang in JDBC
4463416 Resultset.getDate can return ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
4488715 ORA-1483 on changing bind types for numeric/date binds
4489098 initxa.sql needs to specify pragma
4492522 PhysicalConnection.getVersion is syncronized
4499144 refreshCache( REFRESH_INVALID_CONNECTIONS ) does not work
4504411 JDBC can get ORA-6502 from PLSQL calls when supplying maxLength to registerOutParameter()
4551137 NullPointerException when fetching raw column with NULL value
4594085 JDBC Thin sets timezone improperly
4629654 ORA-12705 at JDBC connect with mixed language/country for locale
4652261 setBytes() inserts null into BLOB column after a previous call to setNull()