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Simba Technologies' new “MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP” connector allows Excel users to perform ad-hoc Business Intelligence (BI) queries and create cross-tab reports and dashboards directly from Oracle 11g OLAP cubes. This simple and cost effective two-tier solution allows businesses to leverage existing Excel knowledge and get BI information directly from cubes.  

The availability of this product is great news for Oracle OLAP 11g users who want to use the standard, widely available Excel to access dimensional data and easily create insightful, drillable PivotTables.

Oracle OLAP Newsletter

One such user group is the University of Applied Sciences Wildau. UAS Wildau offers a Masters level course in Business Computing which includes the subject area of Data Warehouse design. To facilitate the data analysis component in the course, they create pivot tables in Excel accessing the dimensional data in the OLAP cubes.

Prof. Dr. Gerd Dehnert, and his students were extremely impressed by MDX Providers for Oracle OLAP's simple and easy installation. The Professor states that "Simba MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP makes it easy to access dimensional data and Oracle OLAP cubes with Excel PivotTables. The product is excellent – it’s easy to install, easy to use and delivers remarkable performance."

Morevover, for the University, the Oracle Database with OLAP Option/Simba/Excel architecture is a low cost inclusion in the Masters course. For further information on this solution see full case study here.

Technical Solution:

When Simba MDX provider is installed on a client Excel machine, a user can query data that is stored in a cube; Excel emits an MDX query, and the MDX Provider processes that into real-time queries to the OLAP cube. This enables simple Excel users access to the highly aggregated/ analytic single repository Data Warehouse data with a stunning ability to slice, drill, rank, and analyze time series and market share.

Oracle’s Vice President of Data Warehousing and Analytics, Raymond Roccaforte,  says “Oracle Database OLAP Option has significant performance and functional advantages over non-Oracle rivals.  Exposing Oracle OLAP Option’s strengths and capabilities to users through native Excel connectivity makes sense because of Excel’s prevalence in BI.  Simba’s deep knowledge of the MDX query language and connectivity to Excel Pivot Tables made them the clear choice to build this native connectivity.”

The product has a simple client-side installation, not much different than installing an ODBC driver.  It works with Excel 2007, Excel 2003, Excel XP, and Oracle 11g OLAP Option .  

At UAS Wildau they use Oracle 11g ( on a Sun Fire V880 Server Client PC: Dell Optiplex desktops with Windows XP and Office 2007, plus various notebook PCs with Office 2007. Network Topology is LAN, WAN and VPN.

As well as being used at the University, the product is being installed elsewhere, and has recently finished a successful Beta program. For more information about purchasing this product, see the product web page.  

Dan Vlamis, President of Vlamis Software and BIWA Summit 2008 Conference Chair says “ We have seen great interest for an Excel connector to provide easy, ad hoc query and BI analysis to Oracle OLAP data.  For some people, pivot table access defines multi-dimensional access to data.  Excel is on every desktop, and Oracle’s database is the leader.  Simba’s solution brings them together.”

About University of Applied Sciences Wildau:

Read about the University here.

About Simba:

Simba Technologies is a world leader in the development of ODBC drivers and MDX Providers.  Their drivers and providers are used with several leading database and BI products.

For further information on Simba MDX Provider see here.

Available soon on OTN - new OBE on analyzing OLAP cubes in Excel using Simba MDX Provider.

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