datasheet Oracle Database Gateway for DB2/400

The Oracle Database Gateway for DB2/400 enables you to integrate iSeries and AS/400 data into your Oracle distributed environment. This gateway is part of a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to integrate heterogeneous applications and data stores.

Integrated Access 

Access to up-to-date, complete information is critical to making informed business decisions. But accessing that information can be difficult --- particularly if your data is scattered among different systems, stored in different formats, and seemingly impossible to merge.

Oracle Database Gateways technology meets the challenge of integrating multiple data storage systems. They create the appearance that all data resides in one local database, even though data actually may be widely distributed. You now have the power to fully integrate all your data to create true enterprise information systems. You can streamline operations, analyze data in realtime, and minimize data redundancy and inconsistency.

Open Up Your iSeries Environment 

With the Oracle Database Gateway for DB2/400, Oracle users on any supported Oracle database platform have read and write access to iSeries and AS/400 data. The Oracle Database Gateway for DB2/400 provides transparent access, making iSeries and AS/400 data appear to be part of an Oracle database. In fact, end users may actually be unaware that the data resides on an iSeries machine. With the Oracle Database Gateway for DB2/400, your iSeries is now an open system.

Levels of Transparency 

The Oracle Database Gateway for DB2/400, like all Oracle Database Gateways provides many levels of transparency, including:

  • Geographic transparency. Users do not need to know the physical location of data, just the names of the tables to be accessed.
  • Network transparency. Users can access the data regardless of the network protocols.
  • Operating system transparency. Users do not need to know the operating systems on which the data resides.
  • Data storage transparency. Uses can access data regardless of the methodology used for data storage.
  • Data access transparency. Applications can access foreign data stores using the same feature-rich language.
These levels of transparency dramatically expand your ability to access and analyze data. For example, in a single request you can integrate sales information from Oracle on AIX and inventory information from Oracle on z/OS with customer information from an AS/400 database without having to know where each piece of information is located or how it is stored. Such transparent data access protects your company's investment in data and applications, while extending your data management power.

Flexible Client/Server or Internet Computing Architecture

The Oracle Database Gateway for DB2/400 makes client/server and Internet computing architecture a reality. You can select the most cost-effective platform to serve as the client, using tools and applications from Oracle Corporation and other vendors to access an AS/400 server. End users can enjoy access to the AS/400 from UNIX, Linux, Microsoft Windows, or even z/OS and OS/390.

Immediate Information Access

Unlike other gateway products that require extensive programming and customizing, the Oracle Database Gateway for DB2/400 is a complete, ready-to-use solution --- with no programming necessary. From the first day, you can use Oracle's tools, or any of the many third-party products available for Oracle, to access information in your AS/400 database as though it were an Oracle Database. If your requirements change, Oracle technology makes it easy to relocate your data without changing your application programs.

Sophisticated Services

The Oracle Database Gateway for DB2/400, together with the Oracle database, gives you a sophisticated set of services with which to create the appearance that all your data resides in a single local Oracle database. These services include SQL statement parsing for distribution, database link processing, two-phase commit processing, data dictionary support for Oracle tools, and datatype conversions. Access to the AS/400 is also available through database triggers and stored procedures and packages.

The Oracle Database Gateway for DB2/400 and Oracle also provide distributed capabilities, including multisite queries, subqueries, joins, and views --- all with a single SQL statement.

A Powerful Language 

Like all Oracle Database Gateways, the Oracle Database Gateway for DB2/400 is tightly integrated with the Oracle database. This allows Oracle's powerful SQL and PL/SQL to be used against the AS/400 database. You need not learn a new API, SQL language, or AS/400-specific SQL. It allows you to fully leverage your Oracle knowledge today, and exploit Oracle language enhancements in the future.

Superior Connectivity 

Connectivity to the AS/400 is provided by Oracle Net Services with support for TCP/IP. Whether you need to connect to your iSeries from UNIX, Linux, or a mainframe running z/OS or OS/390, the Oracle Database Gateway for DB2/400 delivers true distributed relational database access to the AS/400.

Complete Security 

Unauthorized access to AS/400 is protected through a combination of Oracle and native OS/400 security mechanisms.

Easy Data Migration

With the Oracle Database Gateway for DB2/400, a single SQL statement allows you to migrate data between the AS/400 and Oracle databases. You can easily move data from the AS/400 databases to workstations or PCs for data manipulation and analysis.

For decades, Oracle Corporation has provided enterprise-wide data access across disparate hardware platforms. With Oracle's proven integration technology, the same data sharing is extended to include non-Oracle data. Oracle Database Gateways offers access to many data storage systems, including DB2 for OS/390 and z/OS, VSAM, IMS, RMS, Sybase, Ingres, Informix --- and the AS/400 database.


  • The Oracle Database Gateway for DB2/400 resides on the iSeries or AS/400 machine 
  • Number of users limited only by underlying operating system and the AS/400 database 
Access Capabilities
  • Read/write access to the AS/400 database 
  • Distributed access through Oracle to the AS/400, including multisite queries, subqueries, joins, and views; each performed in a single SQL statement
  • Distributed transactions protected by Oracle's two-phase commit protocol
  • Data transfer between Oracle and the AS/400 database, performed in a single statement 
  • Automatic mapping between Oracle and the AS/400 database
  • All Oracle datatypes supported, including CHAR, NUMBER, and DATE
  • All AS/400 datatypes supported, including packed and zoned decimal


Database Administration Facilities 
  • Complete site autonomy
  • Access control on a per-user basis
  • No need to duplicate AS/400 data definitions in Oracle
SQL Language
  • Uses ANSI/ISO standard SQL
  • Provides Oracle data dictionary views of foreign data
  • Supports most Oracle Data Manipulation Language (DML) SQL extensions
  • Oracle stored procedures and packages