Data Guard Hands-On Lab

Data Guard Hands-On Lab Instructions and Documentation

This lab uses a number of exercises that run on a live Oracle Database to introduce the user to basic Data Guard functions.  Exercises include:

  • Creating a Physical Standby Database
  • Verifying that Redo Transport has been configured correctly.
  • Configuring the Data Guard Broker
  • Changing the Transport mode using Broker Properties
  • Changing the Protection mode to Maximum Availability
  • Performing a switchover from the Primary to the Standby
  • Enabling Flashback database
  • Performing a Manual Failover from the Primary to the standby
  • Enabling and using Fast-Start Failover
The Hands-On Lab exists as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) in the Amazon Cloud. In order to access the lab you must first create an Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) account for yourself (there is a nominal cost for doing so). The Data Guard Hands-On-Lab AMI is available in the Amazon Cloud US East, US West, EU West and Asia Pacific Singapore regions at this time under the name “Data_Guard_HOL_2011” as noted in the documentation. Complete instructions are included in the documentation link above.

The Hands-On Lab is provided as-is. We believe the documentation is sufficient for DBA's to be successful following this lab. We ask that you read the documentation carefully in order to avoid problems. However, if you have difficulties accessing the Hands-On Lab, or if you believe there is an error in the documentation that makes it impossible to complete the lab successfully, please send email to and Larry will do his best to assist you.





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