Recovery Manager (RMAN) Demonstrations



Table Recovery using RMAN with Oracle Database 12c
This demonstration shows how to easily recover a table that has been accidentally dropped using the new RMAN RECOVER TABLE command in Oracle Database 12c. RMAN enables you to recover one or more tables or table partitions to a specified point in time without affecting the remaining database objects. Previously-created RMAN backups are used to recover tables and table partitions to a specified point in time. For more information see the RMAN documentation with Oracle Database 12c.




Data Recovery Advisor - Repair Block Corruption & Missing Files
These demonstrations show how easy it is to automatically detect and repair database failures with the Data Recovery Advisor (DRA) in Oracle Database 11g. DRA eliminates the DBA time spent analyzing failures and planning an appropriate recovery strategy, by automating the entire process. The first scenario shows how DRA minimizes overall recovery time by automatically identifying block corruptions in real-time and recommending an appropriate recovery strategy. The second scenario shows how DRA facilitates with recovering a down database, by automatically detecting all missing files and recommending a recovery strategy. Each demo is a .exe that can be downloaded and run from your desktop. Click here for more information on DRA and other Backup & Recovery technologies.


Recovery Manager - Fast Recovery with Switch to Copy
This demonstrates how to use Recovery Manager's Switch to Copy Feature to quickly use an existing image copy backup in place of a production data file, eliminating the time to restore the backup. Click here for more information on RMAN and other Backup & Recovery technologies.


RMAN and Grid Control
This demonstrates scheduling and monitoring RMAN Backups using Enterprise Manager Grid Control.