High Availability Customer Case Studies, Presentations, Profiles, Analyst Reports, and Press Releases

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Maximum Availability Architecture
Allstate - Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture with Oracle RAC, ASM, Data Guard, RMAN, Flashback
Amadeus - Minimizing planned downtime using Data Guard and Transportable Tablespace
case study AmTrust Bank - MAA & Zero Data Loss: Oracle RAC, Data Guard, RMAN, ASM, Enterprise Manager
analyst report
BarnesandNoble.com - HA/DR for E-Commerce: Oracle RAC, Data Guard
analyst report
Burlington Coat Factory - Lower cost with enhanced HA/DR: Oracle RAC, Data Guard, Flashback Database, RMAN
video, podcast
Commonwealth Bank of Australia - MAA with Oracle RAC, Data Guard, ASM, RMAN, and Grid Control
case study
Dell Inc - Implementing SAP Applications on MAA with Oracle RAC, Data Guard, RMAN, and Grid Control
Elster Group - Embedded Oracle Database 11g in Automated Metering Solutions - Oracle RAC, Data Guard, RMAN, Flashback Database and Grid Control
case study
Fidelity National Financial - MAA for 12TB database with primary and standby data centers separated by 750 miles
case study Oracle Global IT - HA/DR for E-Business Suite over WAN: Data Guard and Oracle RAC
profile Public Trust - Low cost grid for SMB: Data Guard, Oracle RAC, RMAN, ASM, Oracle Application Server, Enterprise Manager
case study Shire Pharmaceuticals - Server Consolidation and HA with Oracle RAC, ASM, Data Guard, Recovery Manager and Enterprise Manager
video Yahoo - MAA with Oracle RAC (16 nodes) and Data Guard
Data Guard case study Amaedus - Disaster recovery and rolling database upgrades
case study, presentation Amazon.com - Automatic failover using Fast-Start Failover
presentation Amazon.com - Active Data Guard in Oracle Database 11g
Apple Inc - Using Active Data Guard 11g for data protection and to scale-out read performance
case study
Automatic Failover - A user's guide to implementing Fast-Start Failover
press release
Brivo - Offsite disaster recovery with Oracle Data Guard
Burlington Coat Factory - Data Guard tips & techniques
Computer Age Management Services - Offload reports and backups to 20TB standby database
case study CERN - Technology refresh and database migration with minimal downtime
case study Dell - Roll your own Data Guard 10g Release 2 snapshot standby
case study
e-Rewards - Using SQL Apply to update a data warehouse with data from OLTP transactions in real-time
case study Fannie Mae - High performance using SYNC and ASYNC redo transport
presentation Fidelity National Financial - Implementing Data Guard for a 12 TB database over a WAN
case study
Hitachi Ltd. and Oracle Japan Grid Center - Active Data Guard 11g and Fast-Start Failover
podcast, presentation
Intermap Technologies  - Using an Active Data Guard 11g standby for secure 24x7 Internet access
case study
Kemira GrowHow Ltd - Replacing outsourced DR services
case study, presentation
MorphoTrak - Active Data Guard 11g and Fast-Start Failover
case study NeuStar - Zero data loss (SYNC) with databases separated by 300 miles
case study
PPL - Automatic failover for outage management system: Data Guard, RMAN, Flashback, Enterprise Manager
Real Networks - Using Active Data Guard 11g instead of Materialized Views to synchronize reporting instances
case study
Shire Pharmaceuticals - Trans-Atlantic deployment (UK to US)
profile Swarovski and Company - DR protection for SAP R/3
analyst report
Taneja Group - Storage analyst reviews value add of data-aware disaster recovery solutions
Thomson Legal & Regulatory - Minimizing planned downtime using Data Guard SQL Apply
United Parcel Service - Rolling database upgrades using Transient Logical Standby
press release
ValueCentric - Converting from MySQL to Oracle with Data Guard for HA/DR
case study
Vilene - SAP and Data Guard, better data protection and availability at lower cost
profile, video
Xactly - Active Data Guard 11g - Enhancing performance by offloading queries to a standby database
Oracle Secure Backup presentation CSX Technology - Oracle Secure Backup in an Enterprise Backup Architecture
case study Oracle Internal IT saves over $300,000 with Oracle Secure Backup
case study Titan Technology Partners deploys Oracle Secure Backup for their clients
presentation Waters Corporation - Embedding Oracle Secure Backup for use by Laboratory Informatics applications
Oracle Streams
case study, video
Everbridge - System reliability and HA using Oracle Streams
case study Bharti Airtel - Streams with Oracle E-Business Suite and Discoverer
article, press release, case study Bonnier - Site migration with Oracle Streams
The Canadian Medical Protective Association - Using Streams 11g
CERN - Leading the way in database innovation
presentation, video CERN - Oracle Streams for the Large Hadron Collider at CERN
case study Imprivata - Authentication and Access Management Around the Globe with Oracle Streams
case study Myriad Genetics - Integrating laboratory systems in near real-time with Oracle Streams
case study Oracle - Cross Platform Database Migration using Oracle Streams
presentation Overstock.com - Building loosely coupled applications with Oracle Streams AQ
case study Volkswagen AG - Inter-continental hub-and-spoke architecture for continuous operations
case study Worthington Industries - High Availability for Oracle E-Business Suite using Oracle Streams
Recovery Manager (RMAN) presentation British Telecom - RMAN backups of Oracle Data Guard standby databases
case study CGI - Helping a major North American oil and gas company save $500K with RMAN
case study ChevronTexaco - RMAN DUPLICATE, the DBA time saver
case study Colgate-Palmolive - Increased performance with RMAN
case study
CSX - Online RMAN backups protect over 16TB of Data
presentation Dell - Backup & recovery using Oracle Database 11g
case study
Fannie Mae - Breaking the 1 TB/Hour backup barrier
case study The Hartford - Incrementally updating Transportable Tablespaces using RMAN
case study National Business Center at the Department of the Interior - Backup and recovery efficiency with RMAN
presentation Nokia - The use of RMAN within Nokia's Oracle Database 11g MAA Architecture
presentation Novartis - RMAN backup and recovery
presentation PG&E - RMAN backup and recovery
case study Purdue Pharma L.P.- Surviving media disaster with RMAN
presentation Starbucks - Enterprise data warehouse (EDW) VLDB backup and recovery architecture
case study
Starwood Hotels - RMAN in Oracle Database 10g best practices for maximum benefit
case study Trilegiant - Online RMAN backups protect over 8TB of data
Turkcell - Backup and recovery strategy for Oracle Database 11g
Flashback case study
Banknorth Group, Inc. - Using the snapshot capabilities of Oracle Flashback Technologies
case study
ReserveAmerica - Capitalizing on Oracle 10g Flashback Technologies
Transportable Tablespace case study
Amadeus - Using TTS for fast database upgrades with minimal downtime
case study
The Hartford - Multi-terabyte database migration using Cross-Platform TTS and RMAN CONVERT
case study
Oracle Internal-IT - Minimizing data migration time, using Cross-Platform Transportable Tablespace
Oracle Real Application Clusters - Case Studies