Oracle Database Transportable Technologies

Oracle's Transportable technologies include Transportable Database and Transportable Tablespaces, which enable tablespace and database migration and upgrade, as well as efficiently solving a variety of data moving use cases.

Using Transportable Technologies for Database Migration and Database Upgrade

The Transportable Database feature enables users to migrate an Oracle Database (10g Release 2 and higher) to another platform that has the same endian format. Notice that for some platform combinations, Oracle Data Guard is the preferred solution for platform migrations. The prerequisites and procedure are detailed in the MAA whitepaper Platform Migration Using Transportable Database Oracle Database 11g and 10g Release 2 (PDF).

The Transportable Tablespaces feature allows users to quickly move a user tablespace across Oracle databases. An important use of Transportable Tablespaces is to support the migration a of database between platforms that have a different endian format. The prerequisites and procedures for migration are detailed in the MAA whitepaper Platform Migration Using Transportable Tablespaces (PDF).
Transportable Tablespaces also supports one of the methods for upgrading a database. The use cases and their procedures, as well as pointers to other methods, are covered in the MAA whitepaper Database Upgrade Using Transportable Tablespaces: Oracle Database 11g Release 1 (PDF).

Hint: query the V$TRANSPORTABLE_PLATFORM view to see the platforms that are supported, and to determine their platform IDs and their endian format.

Other Uses of Transportable Tablespaces

Moving data using Transportable Tablespaces can be much faster than performing either an export/import or unload/load of the same data. This is because transporting a tablespace only requires the copying of datafiles and importing the tablespace structural information. You can also use Transportable Tablespaces to move both table and index data, thereby avoiding the index rebuilds you would have to perform when importing or loading table data.  Transportable Tablespaces can also be used to facilitate a database upgrade.

The Transportable Tablespaces feature is also useful for copying multiple read-only versions of a tablespace on multiple databases and for archiving historical data.

Because Transportable Tablespaces works across platforms, you can also use this feature  to:

  • Publish structured data and distribute it to customers running Oracle on a different platform efficiently and easily
  • Simplify the distribution of data from a data warehouse environment to data marts which may run on smaller systems on different platforms
  • Enable the sharing of read only tablespaces across a heterogeneous cluster (the nodes must have same endianes
  • If the source platform and the target platform are of different endianness, the tablespace must be converted prior to plugging it into the the target platform database. This conversion may be done at the source or the target platform.

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