Data Replication and Integration

Databases and the Internet have enabled worldwide collaboration and information sharing by extending the reach of database applications throughout organizations and communities. Both small businesses and global enterprises have users all over the world who require access to data 24 hours a day. Without this data access, revenue and customers can be lost, penalties can be owed, and bad press can have a lasting effect on customers and a company's reputation. The Oracle database provides key data replication and integration features critical to the success and well being of all enterprises in today's fast moving economy.

Oracle Streams, a built-in feature of the Oracle database, is a critical data replication and integration feature. It provides a flexible infrastructure that meets a wide variety of information sharing needs. Oracle Streams enables the propagation of data, transactions and events in a data stream either within a database, or from one database to another. The flexibility of Streams over traditional solutions for data replication and message queuing, allows customers to select a single information sharing solution, and to deploy information solutions in less time and for less cost. As business requirements change, simply implement a new capability of Oracle Streams, without sacrificing existing capabilities.

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Oracle Streams
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Data Replication
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 Oracle Advanced Replication

Message Queuing
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