OCI Intellisense Support


OCI Intellisense file provides online intellisense help to OCI application developers on Windows Visual Studio Environment. This file is protected by a #ifdef NEVER block, hence it is not compiled. Following are the steps to enable this feature.

  • Download the ociintelli_version.c and put it in an accessible location for Visual studio.
  • In fileview, right click on 'source files', choose 'Add files to folder'.
  • Add ociintelli_version.c to the folder.
  • Delete ociintelli_version.c from the project (from the source files folder). You can safely choose to keep the file in the project, but it is recommended that it is deleted. The intellisense information is persistent after step 3, and hence deletion doesn't have any effect. In windowing applications with msdev provided templates, deletion may be necessary to avoid compilation problems.

The following online help appears as you code the application using OCI calls.

OCI Intellisense support file for Oracle and
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