New Features for Oracle8i PL/SQL

Performance User-Visible Performance Features:
- Profiling
- Bulk Binds For Faster Data Transfer Between PL/SQL and SQL
- Faster NOCOPY Parameter Passing
- Native Dynamic SQL
Transparent Performance Improvements:
- Optimization Of Package Standard Built-Ins
- Faster Anonymous Block Execution
- Faster RPC Parameter Passing
Application Development Support:
- Tracing
- Code Coverage
- Better Error Message
Ease-of-Use Enhancement:
- Package Body-Size Limit Increased
- Purity Simplification
- External Procedure Callbacks Using Pro*C
- SQL Query On PL/SQL Table
New Features:
- Autonomous Transactions
- Native Dynamic SQL
- Invoker's Rights
- Objects and Extensibility Enhancements
Internet: Web HTML Publishing:
Using The PL/SQL Cartridge To Publish Your Data From the Database Onto Your Browser
Integration With Java:
Seamless Integration With Java

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