Oracle XML Developer's Kit for C++

Oracle XML Developer's Kit (Oracle XDK) contains XML component libraries and utilities that you can use to XML-enable applications and Web sites.The Oracle9i versions of the XDK can be used to build applications designed to interface with Oracle8i databases. The XDK for C++ includes the following components:

XDK 9i Production Release
 XML Parser for C++v2.supports parsing XML documents with either the DOM or SAX interfaces and includes the following features:
 Supports validation and non-validation modes
 Supports W3C XML 1.0 Recommendation
 Integrated Document Object Model (DOM) Level 1.0 API
 Integrated SAX 1.0  API
 Supports W3C Proposed Recommendation for XML Namespaces
 Supports documents in a wide range of encodings (in addition to the ones specified in Appendix A, Character Sets, of the Oracle National Language Support Guide):
 XSLT Processor for C++ is included as part of the XML Parser and supports transforming XML documents
 Integrated support for W3C XSLT 1.0 Recommendation
 XML Class Generator for C++ generates a set of C++ source files based on an input DTD.
 Creates documents conforming to the W3C XML 1.0 Recommendation
 Supports creating documents in a wide range of encodings
 XML Schema Processor for C++ supports parsing and validating XML files against an XML Schema definition file (.xsd) and includes the following features:
 Built upon the XML Parser for C++ v2
 Supports the three parts of the XML Schema Recommendation
  Part 0: Primer XML Schema
  Part 1: Structures XML Schema
  Part 2: Datatypes
 XDK for C++ 8i version is required if you want to use Oracle8i OCI libraries. Please send email to XDK support to get XDK for C++ 8i version for Soalris and NT. Toget XDK for C++ 8i version for other platforms, such as AIX, please contact Oracle support.

XDK for C++ solaris version is available online. This version is built using SparcWorks C++ compiler 6.1.

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