Oracle Database for Enterprise Applications

The Oracle Database is the database market leader underneath E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, Siebel, SAP Applications, and other enterprise business applications. These applications take advantage  of Oracle's inherent scalability, high availability, ease-of-management, and security capabilities.

In addition, most enterprise applications are also supported on the Oracle Exadata Database Machine, allowing application users to experience the extreme performance gains provided by the integrated combination of application, database, hardware, and storage.

Technical Information by Application

E-Business Suite

red-arrow-box Database for E-Business Suite
red-arrow-box Exadata for E-Business Suite
red-arrow-box Optimizing Storage for E-Business Suite red-arrow-box Defense in Depth for E-Business Suite
red-arrow-box Maximum Availability Architecture for E-Business Suite  


red-arrow-box Database for PeopleSoft Applications red-arrow-box Exadata for PeopleSoft 
red-arrow-box Optimizing Storage for PeopleSoft  red-arrow-box Defense in Depth for PeopleSoft
red-arrow-box Maximum Availability Architecture for PeopleSoft  


red-arrow-box Database for Siebel Applications red-arrow-box Exadata for Siebel
red-arrow-box Optimizing Storage for Siebel
red-arrow-box Defense in Depth for Siebel
red-arrow-box Maximum Availability Architecture  for Siebel  

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