Unstructured Data

Oracle Database 12c incorporates intelligent data types and optimized data structures to analyze and manipulate XML documents, multimedia content, text, graph, and geospatial information. These capabilities enable organizations to easily control, secure, search and retrieve large volumes of unstructured content across the enterprise. Combined, they can manage the full information spectrum from documents, to multimedia, to XML, to map data, and more to help increase user productivity, streamline business processes, cut storage costs and reduce business risk and costs.

Unstructured Data Technology Areas

 Oracle Multimedia  Oracle Spatial and Graph
 Oracle SecureFiles  Oracle Text
 Oracle RDF Semantic Graph  Oracle XML DB

Unstructured Data Technical Information

Technical White Paper: Unstructured Data Management with Oracle Database 12c (PDF 541KB)
An introduction and overview of the Oracle Database 12c capabilities providing secure, scalable, high performance Unstructured Data query, analysis and management of content across the information spectrum.

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