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Multitenant Self-Service Provisioning - BETA 2

The Oracle Multitenant Self-Service Provisioning system provides an interface to Oracle Database 12c Multitenant and allows for the self-service provisioning of Pluggable Databases (PDBs). Its primary goal is to encourage learning about PDBs in development / test environments. It is an easy and productive way to allow DBAs and Developers the opportunity to familiarize themselves and gain hands-on experience with powerful PDB features including create, clone, plug, and unplug.

After installating the application, review the About page within the system for an overview of Oracle Multitenant and description of common use cases for this self-service system. Visit the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) Discussion Forum to ask questions and provide feedback about this self-service system.

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The following are required to install this Beta 2 release:

  • Beta 2 must be installed in a new CDB as the readme states. This release can not be installed into a CDB where any prior version of the Oracle Multitenant Self-Service Provisioning application have been installed.
  • Oracle Database 12c Release 1 ( or above
    Use Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA) to install the database. Select the "Advanced" mode and specify the following options:
    • On the Database Identification step, leave the default "Create As Container Database" checked, and choose the "Create an Empty Container Database" option.
    • On the Initialization Parameters step, click the Character Sets tab and choose the
      "Use Unicode (AL32UTF8)" option.
  • Oracle Application Express 4.2.3 or above
    By default, Oracle Database 12c has Application Express 4.2.0 installed. You must download the Application Express 4.2.3 Patch Set from My Oracle Support, Patch #: 17347169, and follow the installation instructions in the Patch Set Notes.
  • APEX Listener 2.0.4 or above
    The APEX Listener needs to be configured as the Web Listener for use with Oracle Application Express by following the installation instructions within the Release Notes and Installation Guide. {Please note the minimum version for the APEX Listener has changed from Beta 1}

Installation Instructions

The download contains a readme.txt file with detailed steps on how to install and configure the various products required and install the application.

Note: Oracle strongly recommends installing the Multitenant Self-Service Provisioning application before creating any PDBs within the Container Database (CDB).

What's New

The following changes have been made in this Beta 2 release:

  • The Oracle Multitenant Self-Service Provisioning application now runs in CDB$ROOT instead of a PDB.
  • The PDB_ADMIN user in newly created PDBs has SYSDBA system privilege so it can fully manage the PDB.
  • PDBs are created with a USERS tablespace and it is made the default tablespace.
  • The installation now prompts for the credentials of a minimally privileged OS user instead of the owner of the Oracle software installation.
  • The unplug operation now also drops the PDB from the CDB keeping the datafiles so it can be plugged back in to this CDB or another CDB.
  • Users with the PDBA role in the Oracle Multitenant Self-Service Provisioning application can only view PDBs that they created or have been made an administrator of. Because of this, the "Privileges" filter is not displayed. Users with the CDBA role will still see all PDBs as well as the "Privileges" filter.
  • The Oracle Multitenant Self-Service Provisioning application Administration menu has been revised to include more specific information, reducing the need to access detail reports. Specific changes include displaying counts of PDBs, Notifications, PDBAs, CDBAs and Self-Service Requests within the associated menu items (previously, PDBs and Self-Service Requests were displayed in the CDB Summary). Time Zone is also displayed in the menu item. User First and Last Names are displayed within the menu item text. The CDB Summary is now displayed on the left panel, rather than spanning left and right.

Known Issues

Oracle Multitenant Self-Service Provisioning Beta 2 was released on December 13, 2013.

This page was last updated on 13-Dec-2013.

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