Sample Data Mining Use Cases

Oracle Data Mining solves a wide range of business and technical problems, both those specific to a particular industry as well as problems common across industries. Here are a few examples of business problems by industry:


 ·  Customer segmentation
 ·  Response modeling
 ·  Recommend next likely product
 ·  Profile high value customers
 ·  Credit scoring
 ·  Probability of default
 ·  Customer profitability
 ·  Customer targeting
Higher Education
 ·  Alumni donations ( ODM with BI Publisher)
 ·  Student acquisition
 ·  Student retention
 ·  At-risk student identification
Life Sciences
 ·  Drug discovery & interaction
 ·  Common factors in (un)healthy patients
 ·  Cancer cell classification
 ·  Drug safety surveillance
 ·  ODM in Who Caught the Flu? movie
Who Caught the FLU image
 ·  Risk factor identification
 ·  Claims fraud
 ·  Customer Lifetime Value
 ·  Policy bundling
 ·  Employee retention
 ·  Patient procedure recommendation
 ·  Patient outcome prediction
 ·  Fraud detection
 ·  Doctor & nurse note analysis
 ·  Customer churn
 ·  Identify cross-sell opportunities
 ·  Network intrusion detection
 · Root cause analysis of defects
 ·  Warranty analysis
 · Reliability analysis
 · Yield analysis
Public Sector
 ·  Taxation fraud and anomalies
 ·  Crime analysis
 ·  Pattern recognition in military surveillance
 ·  Feature bundling for customer segments
 ·  Supplier quality analysis
 · Problem diagnosis
 · New compound discovery
 ·  Molecule clustering
 · Product yield analysis
 · Predict powerline / equipment failure
 · Product bundling
 · Consumer fraud detection