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Oracle Data Mining (ODM) provides powerful data mining functionality as native SQL functions within the Oracle Database. Oracle Data Mining enables users to discover new insights hidden in data and to leverage investments in Oracle Database technology.  With Oracle Data Mining, you can build and apply predictive models that help you target your best customers, develop detailed customer profiles, and find and prevent fraud. Oracle Data Mining, a component of the Oracle Advanced Analytics Option, helps companies better "compete on analytics".  The Oracle Data Miner work flow based GUI, an extension to SQL Developer, allows data analysts to explore their data, build and evaluate models, apply them to new data and save and share their analytical methodologies. Data analysts and application developers can use the SQL APIs to build next-generation applications that automatically mine star schema data to build and deploy predictive models that deliver real-time results and predictions throughout the enterprise. Because the data, models and results remain in the Oracle Database, data movement is eliminated, information latency is minimized and security is maintained. Additionally, Oracle Data Mining models can be included in SQL queries and embedded in applications to offer improved business intelligence.

Data analysts can quickly access their Oracle data using Oracle Data Miner work flow based graphical user interface and explore their data to find patterns, relationships, and hidden insights. Oracle Data Mining provides a collection of in-database data mining algorithms that solve a wide range of business problems. Anyone who can access data stored in an Oracle Database can access Oracle Data Mining results-predictions, recommendations, and discoveries using Oracle Business Intelligence Solutions.

Oracle Data Miner

The Oracle Data Miner work flow GUI is an extension to Oracle SQL Developer (free to download and use) that enables data analysts to work directly with data inside the database, explore the data graphically, build and evaluate multiple data mining models, apply Oracle Data Mining models to new data and deploy Oracle Data Mining's predictions and insights throughout the enterprise. Oracle Data Miner work flows capture and document the user's analytical methodology and can be saved and shared with others to automate advanced analytical methodologies.

Oracle Data Miner work flows GUI accelerates development and deployment of predictive analytics methodologies

General Information

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Technical Information

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