Data Redaction

UPDATE: In addition to Oracle Database 12c, Data Redaction is now available on Oracle Database 11g Release 2. To get started, download patch set from My Oracle Support.

Oracle Advanced Security Data Redaction provides selective, on-the-fly redaction of sensitive data in SQL query results prior to display by applications so that unauthorized users cannot view the sensitive data. It enables consistent redaction of database columns across application modules accessing the same database information. Data Redaction minimizes changes to applications because it does not alter actual data in internal database buffers, caches, or storage, and it preserves the original data type and formatting when transformed data is returned to the application. Data Redaction has no impact on database operational activities such as backup and restore, upgrade and patch, and high availability clusters. Unlike historical approaches that require making changes to applications or proxying components of the database, Data Redaction policies are enforced directly in the database kernel, resulting in tighter security and better performance.

Data Redaction Overview

Declarative redaction policies can apply different data transformations such as partial, random, and full redaction. Data Redaction can be applied conditionally, based on different factors that are tracked by the database or passed to the database by applications such as user identifiers, application identifiers, or client IP addresses. A redaction format library provides pre-configured column templates to choose from for common types of sensitive information such as credit card numbers and national identification numbers. Once enabled, redaction polices are enforced immediately, even for active sessions.

Data Redaction fully supports Oracle Multitenant. When moving a pluggable database (PDB) that has redaction policies, the policies transfer directly to the new multitenant container database as part of the PDB. Redaction resumes its normal operation after the PDB has been plugged in and configured.

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