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Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) is an option to the award-winning Oracle Database Enterprise Edition. Oracle RAC is a cluster database with a shared cache architecture that overcomes the limitations of traditional shared-nothing and shared-disk approaches to provide highly scalable and available database solutions for all your business applications. Oracle RAC is a key component of Oracle's private cloud architecture. Oracle RAC support is included in the Oracle Database Standard Edition for higher levels of system uptime.

Oracle RAC One Node is a single instance of an Oracle RAC enabled database running on one node in a cluster and a low cost entry to flexible database consolidation. Oracle RAC One Node as an option to the award-winning Oracle Database Enterprise Edition adds to the flexibility that Oracle offers for database consolidation while reducing management overhead by providing a standard deployment for Oracle Databases in the enterprise.

 Data Sheet: Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC)  White Paper: Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC)
 Data Sheet: Oracle RAC One Node   White Paper: Oracle RAC One Node

The Oracle RAC and Oracle RAC One Node options also include Application Continuity and Oracle Database Quality of Service Management as free of charge functional enhancements.

 Application Continuity  Oracle Database Quality of Service Management

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