Oracle Database
Quality of Service Management

Oracle Database Quality of Service Management
allows system administrators to directly manage application service levels hosted on Oracle RAC and RAC One Node Databases as well as on Oracle Exadata Database Machines. Using a policy-based architecture, QoS Management correlates accurate run-time performance and resource metrics, analyzes this data with its expert system to identify bottlenecks, and produces recommended resource adjustments and optionally implements them automatically to meet and maintain performance objectives under dynamic load conditions. Should sufficient resources not be available QoS Management will preserve the more business critical objectives at the expense of the less critical ones.

In conjunction with Cluster Health Monitor, QoS Management’s Memory Guard detects nodes that are at risk of failure due to memory over-commitment. It responds by automatically preventing new connections thus preserving existing workloads and restores connectivity once the sufficient memory is again available.

Quality of Service Management Benefits

  • Assures predicable performance for consolidated applications
  • Presents Real-time Performance Dashboard as seen from client tiers
  • Dynamically allocates resources to meet SLAs
  • Reduces IT costs by optimizing resource use
  • Included Free with Oracle RAC Database for 11g Release 2 and 12c
  • Supported on Oracle Exadata Database Machine
  • Fully integrated with Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control


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