Oracle Advanced Compression

Oracle Advanced Compression provides a comprehensive set of compression capabilities to help improve performance and reduce storage costs. It allows organizations to reduce their overall database storage footprint by enabling compression for all types of data: relational (table), unstructured (file), network, Data Guard Redo and backup data. Although storage cost savings and optimization across servers (production, development, QA, test, backup and etc...) are often seen as the most tangible benefits, additional innovative technologies included in Oracle Advanced Compression are designed to improve performance and to reduce CapEx and OpEx costs for all components of an IT infrastructure, including memory and network bandwidth as well as heating, cooling and floor-space costs.

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Key Benefits

  • Typically 2x-4x reduction in storage across all environments such as production, standby, test, development, backup, etc.
  • Improved memory efficiency as data remains compressed in memory
  • Heat Map stores system-generated data access statistics at the row and segment levels
  • Automatic Data Optimization (ADO) enables organizations to set policies that enforce data compression/movement automatically
  • Minimal or no performance impact on DML operations due to performance optimized compression technology
  • Faster queries in many cases, due to improved I/O and memory efficiency
  • Compresses network data at the sending side and then uncompressed at the receiver to reduce the network traffic
  • Better Data Guard Redo transport network bandwidth utilization
  • Transparent to applications - no application changes required
  • Increases security and reduces the cost of storing and accessing historical data

Technical Information

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Advanced Compression and Applications

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