Oracle Collaboration Suite 10g Release 1 (10.1.x) Clients

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Download Oracle Connector for Outlook (v10.
- Readme (26,837,104 bytes)
Download Oracle Calendar Desktop Client  
  - Windows cal_win_10124.exe (17,742,393 bytes)
  - Mac OS X cal_mac_OSX_1012.dmg (36,700,160 bytes)
  - Linux cal_linux_1012.tar.gz (39,732,486 bytes)
  - Solaris cal_solaris_1012.tar.gz (36,092,083 bytes)


Download Oracle Calendar Sync for Pocket PC cal_syncppc_win_1012.exe (17,316,953 bytes)
Download Oracle Calendar Sync for Palm  
  - Windows cal_syncpalm_win_1012.exe (20,793,344 bytes)
  - Mac OS X cal_syncpalm_macOSX_904210.hqx (17,265,019 bytes)
Download Sony Ericsson P800/P900/P910 SyncML client patch (14,578 bytes)

Other Clients
Download Oracle Drive for Windows (58,894,870 bytes)

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