Oracle Database 11g Semantic Technologies


Oracle Database 11g Semantic Technologies makes enterprise data smarter:

  • Stores rich, real-world relationships in the data beyond columns, table joins and Boolean to obtain more semantically complete query results.
  • Enables machine-driven discovery of new relationships using the native Oracle Database inference engine, ontologies, and RDFS /SKOS/OWL semantics and user defined rules. Inferred data is persisted in the database for faster querying.
  • Queries relationship patterns using either direct SPARQL access to Oracle Database 11g via Jena, Sesame or Joseki, or SQL with SPARQL-like clauses.
  • Supports W3C standards for the representation, vocabulary, inferencing and querying of relationships, including RDF, SKOS, RDFS, OWL, and SPARQL.
  • Supports key open source technologies, including Jena, Joseki, ARQ, Sesame, Pellet, D2RQ, Jetty, Cytoscape, GATE, and Protégé.
  • Secures RDF data at the graph and/or the triple level with declarative constraints on RDF classes and properties or EAL4+ multi-level security and mandatory access control.
  • Semantic Indexing finds documents of interest stored in Oracle Database and works with 3rd party entity extraction services, such as OpenCalais and GATE.
  • Performance and Scalability:
    • Employs SQL*Loader direct-path loading and partitioning. Reduces storage requirements by over 60% with page-level compression and efficient storage that eliminates RDF URI redundancy.
    • Inferencing, including incremental and parallel modes, is done in advance of queries and persisted for scalability and faster querying.
    • RDF queries benefit from page-level compression that reduces I/O, and the Oracle cost based optimizer and hints to maximize performance.