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RDF Semantic and Network Data Model Graph Capabilities in Oracle Spatial and GraphIn an article in the Feb. 2014 issue of the Northern California Users Group (NoCOUG) Journal, Bill Beauregard provides a useful primer on Oracle's graph technologies, including RDF Semantic and Network Data Model graphs. He describes the secure, scalable, advanced RDF support provided by Oracle Spatial and Graph in Oracle Database, with detailed feature overviews and examples.(PDF 1.1MB)

Oracle Database 12c

Oracle Spatial and Graph Data Sheet(PDF 172KB)

Oracle Spatial and Graph: Advanced Data ManagementWhite Paper (PDF 309KB)

RDF Semantic Graph Feature Overview(PDF 229KB)

RDF Semantic Graph Prerequisites, and Advanced Performance and Scalability for Semantic Web Applications(PDF 122KB)

Oracle RDF Semantic Graph Project Checklist(PDF 193KB)

Oracle Spatial and Graph: Benchmarking a Trillion Edges RDF Graph (PDF 127KB)

An Ontological Approach to Oracle BPM—Semantically-enabling all artifacts of Business Process Management enables process refinement, impact analysis and unnecessary proliferation of processes and services. This paper presents the Oracle BPM ontology based upon BPMN 2.0, Service Component Architecture (SCA) and the Web Ontology Language (OWL 2). (PDF 179KB)

Unstructured Data Management with Oracle Database 12cWhite Paper (PDF 371KB)

Oracle DatabaseInference Best Practices with RDFS/OWLOracle White Paper (PDF 157KB)

PelletDb: Semantic Reasoning for the Enterprise(PDF)

A Semantic Web Business Case(PDF 193KB)

Oracle Database 11g Release 2 - Archive

Oracle Spatial and Graph Data Sheet(PDF 156KB) August 2012

RDF Semantic Graph Feature Overview(PDF 180KB)


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