Oracle Spatial and Graph
RDF Semantic Graph - Standards & Open Source Support

Oracle supports leading open source technologies and actively participates in the W3C standards body to meet our customers’ business-critical application needs.”

  • W3CSemantic Web and Semantic Web Activity, RDF, RDF Schema, RIF OWL, SPARQL, SKOS, URI, RDF/XML
  • Jena—Java framework for building Semantic Web applications. It provides a programmatic environment for RDF, RDFS and OWL, SPARQL and includes a rule-based inference engine.
    • Joseki—an HTTP engine that supports the SPARQL Protocol and the SPARQL RDF Query language.
    • ARQ—a query engine for Jena that supports the SPARQL RDF Query language.
    • TDB—Jena component that provides large scale storage and query of RDF datasets using a pure Java engine and SPARQL.
    • SDB—Jena component that provides for scalable storage and query w/ SPARQL of RDF datasets using conventional SQL databases for use in standalone applications, J2EE and other application frameworks
  • Sesame—an open source framework for storage, inferencing and querying of RDF data.
  • Pellet—OWL 2 reasoner for Oracle Database 11g R2, providing scalable and correct OWL reasoning.
  • D2RQ—declarative language to describe mappings between relational database schemata and OWL/RDFS ontologies, enables applications to access a RDF-view on a non-RDF database through the Jena and Sesame APIs, as well as over the Web via the SPARQL Protocol and as Linked Data.
  • Jetty—provides an HTTP server, HTTP client, and javax.servlet container.
  • Cytoscape—Open source visualization tool for graph data
  • GATE—Entity extraction & text analysis engine
  • Protégé—Open source ontology editor