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 12c Neustar Delivers Its Spatially-Enabled Applications up to 300x Faster Through the Cloud—“Using Oracle, we built a secure, scalable, and robust infrastructure to deliver sophisticated analytical applications on the cloud. Only Oracle Database 12c, Enterprise Edition could provide us with the high performance, availability, and spatial analytics we need to get detailed marketing insights into the hands of our customers quickly, so they can focus on operational improvements and customer service.” – Nick Salem, Distinguished Engineer, Neustar, Inc. Oracle, Customer Success, 2014 (HTML)


 Using Oracle Semantic Graph in a scientific knowledge portal for the pharmaceutical industry—A case study of semantic data integration platform for the biomedical domain using Oracle Semantic Graph. Oracle OpenWorld, October, 2013 (PDF 795KB)

 Will the Cloud Solve the LiDAR Data Management Problem?—"Too much of a good thing can cause problems. LiDAR collected data is extremely useful for a multitude of applications, but users continue to struggle with how to handle the large quantity of data that needs to be stored, processed and transformed into usable products..." Point of Beginning (POB) GeoDataPoint, Article, March 19, 2013 (HTML)(Free Membership Required)

 Geomarketing Analysis: a developed solution for Italy’s Leading Supermarket Chain Unicoop Firenze Michele Sacchi Bridge Consulting S.r.l. Florence (Italy)—Unicoop Firenze, Italy's largest consumer cooperative, deployed a rich location intelligence system, with interactive geomarketing features, including detailed analysis of business facts and dynamic user-defined areas. The geo-datawarehouse with dashboards enables better evaluation of business opportunities for a specific territory, on the basis of statistical and socio-economical data from institutional sources. The solution incorporates all of Unicoop's BI systems and departmental systems, and supports analyses for various divisions. Unicoop and system integrator Bridge Consulting deployed this system on an Oracle Database Exadata Machine, using Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, Oracle MapViewer, and Oracle Spatial and Graph Network Data Model and Geocoding features. Bridge Consulting S.r.l., February 2013 (360KB PDF)


 Italian Government fights crime with technology using a new Business and Location Intelligence system—The Department of Public Security of the Ministry of the Interior to combat crime through the SIGR (Integrated System for the Georeferencing of Crimes) platform, developed by Iconsulting using Oracle Business Intelligence and Geospatial technology. Oracle, Press Release, November 6, 2012 (HTML)

 Oracle At Work - OSI Modernizes with Oracle Technology—Ordnance Survey Ireland relies on Oracle Database & Oracle Applications to provide a modern, digital cartography service for government and commerce. Oracle Media Network, October 2012 (HTML)

 GIS Improves the Odds: The Las Vagas Water District Manages Service Outages Befoe They Happen—The Las Vegas Valley Water District (LVVWD) designed a custom Valve Isolation (VI) system that helps measure the impacts of service outages as well as quickly identify strategies to isolate water-main breaks. Although integrated within the district’s GIS, VI is designed for non-GIS users, specifically those responsible for the daily operation of the water-delivery system...

When GIS staff investigated expanding the use of built-in VI functions, they discovered conflicts with the existing database design. The first issue was ensuring the physical and logical connectivity among networked features...LVVWD’s water data model also was problematic, as it wasn’t optimized for VI...Automation was developed to build and maintain a secondary database specifically tuned for VI. The Oracle Spatial Network Data Model was adopted for this approach, allowing control of which water-distribution-system elements would be used for modeling flow...., Article, August, 2012 (HTML)

 State taps BI software to share criminal info, link other agencies—Maryland is improving interagency collaboration through a shared-services business intelligence platform. Government Computer News, Article, February 2, 2012 (HTML)

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