Learn about customers using Oracle RDF Semantic Graph.

Allied Nation Intelligence Service Social Analysis
Uses RDF Semantic Graph to model a social network of people, groups and places of interest, and provide analysis and reports.) (PDF 492KB)

Cisco WebEx Social Enterprise Collaboration
Uses RDF Semantic Graph to create a unified metadata model for enterprise social media and for tagging media with semantic and structural consistency. (PDF 1.0MB)

Eli Lilly and Company Metadata Integration
Uses RDF Semantic Graph to create a unified metadata model for improved insight into the business by bringing together related information from diverse data sources. (PDF 293KB)

Hydro-Québec Smart Grid Semantic Interoperability
This presentation describes how the RDF Semantic Graph feature of Oracle Spatial and Graph is used by Hydro-Québec for its Smart Grid integration project. The IEC International Standard Common Information Model (CIM) ontology is used to enable semantic interoperability. (PDF 2.7MB)

Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research Metastore
Uses RDF Semantic Graph to flexibly model metadata for data integration, better analysis and manageability. (PDF 395KB)

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