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Public Websites Making Use of Spatial and Graph Features and/or Oracle Fusion Middleware MapViewer

Frankfurt Airport (fraport) Frankfurt Airport (fraport) (Dual Language German or English Site)

g.on aimport is used by Frankfurt Airport (fraport) to publish information about air traffic and noise on the consumer-facing portal. The system is based on Mapviewer, OSM data and Google maps for aerial photography. The customer built the solution on his own after 3 days of basic training and a little support.
Geographic Information Portal of Kaliningrad (Russia) This website is built using CS Urban View which is based on Oracle Spatial technologies. (Russian Language Site)

CSoft, is an Oracle partner, located in Russia and specializing in Geographic Information Systems (GIS)  based on the Oracle technologies. They have created CS Urban View based on Oracle ADF, Oracle Weblogic, Oracle MapViewer and Oracle Database.
GEOnetz Grefen The Oracle Partner "g.on Experience" has developed this application. The UI is based on .NET with integration of latest Oracle Maps 11g .
The basis for the application is g.on's standard application " aimPort", which serves as a "web portal for complex infrastructures" and is meanwhile widely used in the chemical industry (chemical parcs) and in the utility sector. (Uses Oracle Fusion Middleware Mapviewer)
Montana Department of Transportation Travel Information Map (Uses Oracle Fusion Middleware Mapviewer)
Geoproxy Thüringen

A German website containing the geodata infrastructure Thuringia in Germany

Cuyahoga County, Ohio USA Cuyahoga Enterprise Geographic Information System Look for "Enter as Guest" under the "Login" button. (Uses Oracle Fusion Middleware Mapviewer)
US Environmental Protection Agency

Watershed, Assessment, Tracking & Environmental Results:

The Reach Address Database ( The Use of Oracle Spatial for RAD Spatial Data)

US Federal Aviation Administration Special Use Airspace & Air Traffic Control Assigned Airspace
US Geological Survey

Geographic Names Information System

New York City, USA

NYCityMap (Built on Oracle Spatial)

City of Vancouver, BC, Canada

VanMap (Uses Oracle Locator and MapGuide Enterprise)