Oracle Spatial Summit at BIWA Summit 2015
Oracle HQ Conference Center
Redwood Shores, CA, USA
January 27-29, 2015


Thanks to our partner sponsors HERE, 1Spatial and AGSI, and all the users and solutions providers from BIWA and NoCOUG who made Oracle Spatial Summit 2015 a success! Special thanks to the BIWA Committee and Oracle Spatial SIG user group, for a successful collaboration and great three-day event!


Save the date! BIWA & Oracle Spatial Summit 2016 will be held January 26-28 at Oracle HQ in Redwood Shores, CA. More Info

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Technical Training Sessions & Hands On Labs
Oracle Spatial and Graph/MapViewer Development Team

Technical Sessions


Hands On Labs

  • Creating Custom, Interactive Map Visualizations with OBIEE

    Joseph Kuttikat, David Lapp, and Jayant Sharma, Oracle / Session 156
    View/Download Workshop Materials (Materials are the same as for 2014.)
  • Learn To Build an Analytic Application with Oracle's Spatial Tools

    Dan Geringer and Eve Kleiman, Oracle / Session 157
    View/Download Workshop Materials (Materials are the same as for 2014.)
  • Oracle BI Mobile App Designer

    Kan Nishida, Oracle / Session 231

Featured Keynote: Cloud-Based Analytics In Action, Ken Inman, Vice President of Analytics, Neustar

Use Cases


Performance and Scalability for Large-Scale Spatial Analytics



GIS for Government, Rail, and Engineering



Location Intelligence

  • LocationBox: Deploying Nationwide, Scalable LBS Solutions at Turkey's National Credit Registry

    Infotech has developed a scalable location based services platform implemented on Oracle Spatial technologies. Two case studies illustrate successful nationwide deployments and highlight the importance of deploying and maintaining national-scale solutions on enterprise-grade spatial polatforms. More...

    Ali Ufuk Peker and Kerem Par, Infotech / Session 164
  • Performance Gains with Spatial and Graph Using Oracle Database 12c

    Use cases from Think Huddle clients illustrate how performance increases in serialized processing compare to performance increases seen in parallel processes. Learn how Neustar's ElementOne platform lvereages the latest 12c features in Oracle Spatial and Graph for dramatic performance improvements with minimal code changes. More...

    Steve Pierce, Think Huddle and Nick Salem, Neustar / Session 133
  • Comparative Performance Benchmarks: Oracle Spatial and Graph with Oracle Database 12c

    Explore the technical difference that make a statistically accurate product comparison challenging. Understand why the performance of all 12c spatial vector accelerated functions texted, on non-engineered systems, is equal to, or better than open source or commercial alternatives. Learn how Oracle's functional offerings and simplicity of use for geodetic data are superior. More...

    Simon Greener, The SpatialDB Advisor / Session 219
  • Innovative Approaches to Modeling GPS/GNSS Construction Data

    Discover methods for Oracle Spatial and Graph database geometry creation and the see how Oracle Spatial functions are used to integrate and analyze data to support engineering and construction work on Bechtel projects around the globe. Examples of project “Big Data” integration and 3D geometry creation are used to illustrate how the use of Oracle Spatial database functions, PL/SQL and standard Oracle Structured Query Language (SQL) can help achieve efficiencies in these data-centric project tasks. More...

    Tracy McLane, Bechtel / Session 216
  • Spatial Data Infrastructure for the Region of Moscow-Managing 100TB of Geospatial Data

    Explore the Moscow Regional Administration’s implementation of a large GIS system based on a geospatial data warehouse using Oracle Spatial and Graph option. Besides the land cadastre, this data warehouse contains detailed orthophoto imagery, the address register, and forestry and real estate information. More...

    Alexander Stavitsky, CSoft-Terra / Session 168
  • Creating a 3D Model for Noise Simulation at a National Railways Agency

    The German Federal Railways Agency has implemented a “data processing factory” to conflate and cleanse over 150 GB of geospatial data, building a noise emission map as part of a long-term EU strategy to reduce the exposure of EU citizens to noise. Learn about the data processing factory in more detail including the possibilities and limits of Oracle’s spatial technologies in this complex real world scenario, and gain insight into the new Oracle Spatial and Graph features in version 12c. More...

    Marcus Briesen, disy Informationssysteme GmbH / Session 173
  • Oracle BI and Geo-Spatial Big Data

    See and learn how to perform advanced Geo-Spatial analysis demonstrating how Oracle Spatial can significantly extending the capabilities of Oracle BI by providing advanced Geo-Spatial analytics. More...

    Antony Heljula, Peak Indicators Limited / Session 128
  • Geomarketing Analysis: for Italy's Leading Supermarket Chain, Unicoop Firenze

    Examine Unicoop Firenze’s deployment of a rich location intelligence system, with interactive geomarketing features, including detailed analysis of business facts and dynamic user-defined areas on an Oracle Database Exadata Machine, using Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, Oracle MapViewer, and Oracle Spatial Network Data Model and Geocoding features. More...

    Michele Sacchi, Bridge Consulting / Session 163

Use Cases


Location Intelligence for Public Safety



Real Estate

  • Location Intelligence for Italian and UK Justice and Public Sector

    Review two cases studies. In one synergy between Spatial capabilities and OBIEE has helped an Italian Government Institution not only to produce fast and reliable statistics and analyses, but also to improve the investigation process, by discovering recurrent crime patterns, considering both analytical and spatial data. In a second case study, the UK County Police exploits data collected from officers’ handheld radio with GPS, providing the Chief Constable and the senior command team an overview of officers’ availability and visibility. More...

    Nicola Sandoli, iConsulting / Session 158
  • Mapping Social Media in Real-Time for Public Safety

    Learn how AGSI leverages Oracle Database and Oracle MapViewer to create the cost effective and innovative solutions to help law enforcement agencies quickly and effectively identify and respond to public safety incidents and threats.. More...

    Michael Jander, Angus GeoSolutions Inc. / Session 166
  • Geofencing for Descriptive Police Analytics

    Explore how local government has a need to monitor when and where their public safety resources were spending their time, and a way to ingest and analyze data in a repeatable fashion. Learn how predictive and prescriptive policing analytics is accomplished using Oracle Spatial and Endeca.. More...

    Chris Hughes, Oracle / Session 249
  • Seeing Is Believing in Real Estate: Using Oracle Spatial and Graph and Oracle FMW MapViewer

    Discover the value to a Real Estate organization of displaying locations for people, assets and their related attributes within a building footprint. See how Oracle’s Real Estate and Facilities organization using Oracle Spatial and Graph and Oracle MapViewer, implemented a solution to visualize space configurations, integrating data from multiple sources, with an integrated Oracle tech stack – decreasing support and maintenance, and driving improvements in data quality and collaboration. More...

    Gina Marie O'Dierno and Anastasia Bertolet, Oracle / Session 214
  • Effectively Integrate Geospatial Technologies from GIS to Oracle Spatial in Real Estate Sector

    Examine the critical success factors for integrating GIS technologies, in particular when combining Autodesk and Oracle Spatial technologies in a typical geospatial project. More...

    Francisco J Rojas Duran, DASOFT / Session 184
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