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Abstract: How Nokia Uses Oracle Spatial to Create the NAVTEQ Map

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The NAVTEQ Map provides navigable map coverage for over 90 countries and territories worldwide. With over 1,100 geographic analysts driving the roads, a content stream that has included over 80,000 data sources, and over 2.4 million map changes daily, managing map content that includes over 22 million miles of roads and 44 million points of interest has been an interesting challenge.

This session describes how Oracle Spatial was used to help dramatically transform the NAVTEQ Map in terms of coverage and content during the period between 2007 and 2010 as the NAVTEQ Map underwent unprecedented expansion. It describes how Oracle Spatial was used to address the massive ingest requirement to help the NAVTEQ Map development team analyze the relationships of content acquired from multiple sources, to evaluate the quality of the content, and to judge the integration effort required to bring the content into conformity with NAVTEQ Map standards for quality and positional accuracy.


Amit Ghosh

Amit Ghosh is a Lead Data Architect at Nokia (Location and Commerce ) specializing in Big Data and Analytics. He has designed systems that helped create the Navteq Map. The Navteq Digital Map is being used in 85% of automotive navigation devices, Portable Navigation Systems and Web based applications including Yahoo Maps, Bing Maps and Mapquest.

Amit holds a graduate degree in Astrophysics from Moscow State University, Russia. He started his career working as a Data Scientist at the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, MA. He was instrumental in developing solutions and algorithms for several NASA projects related to big data analysis from satellites and other space instrumentation. Later Amit founded an independent consultancy and spent over 20 years designing and implementing big data solutions for several clients including IBM and ATT.

Daniel Abugov

Daniel Abugov is a well known expert and lecturer on Oracle Spatial and related technologies. With over two decades of database experience, Abugov has spent over 10 years focusing on Oracle's Spatial and Location Technologies, helping enterprises use maps to make better and faster business decisions.

Abugov currently works for Nokia Location & Commerce as a Business Development Manager and Consultant specializing Oracle solutions. Abugov has been working with Oracle to provide the NAVTEQ Map as a foundation for mapping, analytics, geocoding, and routing solutions across Oracle technologies and applications including Oracle Business Intelligence, Oracle Transportation Management, Mobile Workforce Management, and many other Oracle and custom solutions.

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