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Abstract: Outage Management Using Network Data Model at Las Vegas Valley Water District

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Keeping the water distribution network in good repair is a daily operation for the Las Vegas Valley Water District. Field crews responsible for repairs and preventative maintenance need to understand how to restrict water to the area where work will be done. A time-consuming process of referencing paper maps, phone calls to Operations engineers, and tacit knowledge has been the only way to plan for a network shutdown, until now. In disaster scenarios, such as in main breaks, shutdown is even more critical due to loss of water and more importantly impact to the community. Once in the field, crews find valves are broken making preplanning almost impossible.

We have developed a Web-based end-user GIS application utilizing custom valve shutdown analysis based on the Oracle Spatial Network Data Model (NDM). This enables users to answer the shutdown question much more efficiently. A user can quickly simulate different shutdown scenarios and develop a shutdown plan in just minutes. The custom algorithm uses Network Data Model functionality to identify valves that must be closed as well as identifying impacted customers and fire hydrants. This innovative use of the Oracle Spatial Network Data Model for outage and crisis management has quickly become a highly valued asset for the organization.


Keath Long

Keath Long began with the Las Vegas Valley Water District in 1995. Currently, he is the development coordinator and provides technical leadership for all GIS application and database development within the Engineering department. It’s part of his responsibilities to identify relevant or emerging technologies for solving business problems and then lead those implementations. In 2007 the Oracle Spatial Excellence Award was given to his organization for implementing Autodesk Topobase, modernizing their CAD-GIS integration. He's also earned a degree in MIS from the University of Nevada Las Vegas.