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Abstract: Deploying a Smart Grid Network at Burlington Hydro

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AGSI and Burlington Hydro Inc. (BHI) will present BHI’s “Live Operations” enterprise environment, which includes an array of live, mission critical, Smart Grid applications, founded on a common, shared, Oracle Spatial 11g Database Network Model and built using Oracle`s MapViewer and AGSI`s GO360 products and Web services. The presentation will feature demonstrations of implemented applications and will highlight the importance of the open services oriented architecture (SOA) for rapid application development and streamlined workflows.

Highlights of the presentation will include an overview of BHI’s existing GO360Networks implementation to date. This will include a plethora of examples of enterprise sharing and application reuse of BHI’s single “live” electric distribution network model across multiple business users as well as discussion of planned projects related to Smart Grid.

Business examples to be demonstrated include:

  • Network design and mapping including posting into a live environment;
  • What-if analysis against a live database without hindering actual network state;
  • Mobile asset inspection including live updates, real-time emergency notifications and back-office analytics;
  • Cable locates leveraging live underground data;
  • Live network operations with bi-directional mobile updates;
  • AMI and other smart sensor integration;
  • 3rd party corporate system integration (ERP, billing, engineering analysis etc.);
  • Executive dashboards; and
  • Future projects and related customer examples.


Dan Guatto

Dan Guatto is COO and Vice President of Engineering and Operations for Burlington Hydro Inc. He is a Professional Engineer with a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Windsor – Class of 1986, and a diploma in Electrical / Electronics Engineering Technology from St. Clair College of Applied Arts and Sciences.

Dan has spent 24 years in the electricity generation and distribution industry. He began his career with the Thermal Generation Division of then Ontario Hydro and has subsequently worked with distribution utilities since 1989. He has experience in all areas of administration and operation for utilities and their affiliate companies, and has directed projects involving large enterprise I.T. implementations, electricity storage, renewable energy and electric vehicle applications. As their VP of Engineering and Operations, Dan serves as the primary technical resource for Burlington Hydro’s GridSmartCity project.

He is a member of the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO), the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), and Chair of the Energy Sub-Committee for implementation of Electric Mobility Canada’s EV Technology Roadmap.

Geoffrey Cameron

Geoff Cameron leads the AGSI’s Intelligent Networks practice focusing on Utility and Communications based enterprises. His work life includes 25 years’ experience in utilities, information systems, as well as all levels of government. His experience with so many large and innovative projects has brought a wealth of value to all AGSI clients.
Prior to joining AGSI a decade ago, Geoff was a manager at Cap Gemini, the Team Lead for Geographical Information Solutions at Hydro One, one of North America’s 10 largest electric utility organizations, and Management within the Ontario Government.

Geoff has been directly involved in developing Enterprise Information Systems strategies for large and mid-size organizations such as Hydro One, Canadian Federal Government, and Burlington Hydro and has been instrumental in bringing AGSI’s industry leading open, robust and scalable GO360 solutions to these organizations.

Geoff’s involvement in delivering enterprise solutions includes developing AGSI’s ability to handle very large volumes of complex utility asset, business and sensor data, such as those generated by a Smart Grid, and transforming them into efficient and useable formats for corporate end users.