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Abstract: Enterprise Geocoding to Support Real-Time 911 Response

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Intrado is a national leader in servicing 9-1-1 and public safety call handling. This session describes Intrado’s unique methods for using Oracle Spatial to develop a high quality geographic base file to support accurate real-time geocoding. Using the geocoding features of Oracle Spatial combined with multiple datasets, Intrado has developed a system that can normalize, refine and geocode Master Street Address Guide (MSAG) formats that are derived from multiple sources to deliver a more precise address.

As usage of geocoding and location awareness increases across all aspects of public safety, leveraging MSAG data presents several challenges. This includes a lack of complete data and little or no standardization across agencies. This presentation will focus on the methods used in Patent 7,987,218 “Method and System for Establishing a Spatial Street Address Data Set” to overcome these challenges.

The following steps of the Oracle Spatial-based solution will be described:

  • Loading the MSAG data into a database and normalzing it
  • Scrubbing and translating the MSAG data into the Oracle Spatial structure for geocoding
  • Geocoding the data points and using them to identify missing or malformed data
  • Comparing the refined data to postal and civic data to locate known loci points between the datasets
  • Comparing the known loci further against various basemap data layers to establish a geographic translation of MSAG to postal.


Aaron D. Miller

Aaron Miller is a Sr. Software Engineer for Intrado Inc., the largest provider of 9-1-1 infrastructure and database services in North America. Miller as over 15 years of experience in GIS, with 10 years specifically dedicated to the emergency communications industry. In addition to being a U.S. patent author, Miller is a GIS systems architect focusing on the Oracle Database and Oracle’s Spatial Engine. He is also experienced on a variety of other platforms and systems.

Miller holds a BS from the University of Northern Colorado. He is a private pilot and is a volunteer for Civil Air Patrol.