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Abstract: Geospatial Cloud Analytics with ElementOne

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TARGUSinfo ElementOne is an online GIS analytics platform that provides rich data and cutting edge analytics to help clients acquire, retain, and grow high value customers. Built on top of Oracle Database 11gR2, Oracle Advanced Security, Partitioning and Spatial 11g, Oracle WebLogic 11g and Oracle MapViewer 11g, ElementOne leverages Oracle's enterprise database, spatial and Java EE technologies to provide a feature rich, secure and highly scalable application to end users looking to gather market insight, score prospects / customers and perform location analysis. The session will go over various best practices and techniques in building robust, scalable and secure cloud based spatial systems. We will show a demo of the ElementOne platform in action and review the experiences of clients such as Goldline, Falken and LifeLock in using the ElementOne platform for their spatial analytic needs. We will show how we use GeoRaster image overlays, network data model, topology, SDO_GEOM and SDO_UTIL utilities to create and manage a variety of different types of trade areas and markets, SDO_TIN to create heat maps, SDO_CS to interface with Google aerials, VPD for controlling fine grain access of spatial data and more.


Nick Salem

Nick Salem holds five OCP DBA credentials and has over 14+ years of experience developing applications using Oracle Spatial and Oracle database technologies. He currently works as the chief database and spatial architect for TARGUSinfo.

David Tater

David Tatar has 14 years experience in Web architecture, Java and Oracle database technologies with emphasis on GIS mapping and spatial enterprise applications. He currently works as an architect and engineer for TARGUSinfo.