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Abstract: Managing American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Awards with Oracle BI, MapViewer and GoogleMaps at NOAA

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The US Department of Commerce received nearly $8 billion in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding. Of this, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) was responsible for $830 million to fund projects as diverse as habitat restoration to vessel maintenance to satellite development to climate modeling activities. ARRA funding included unprecedented requirements for transparency, accountability and auditing and guidance for execution. In a 6 week period, NOAA developed an ARRA Reporting Dashboard using Oracle BI, MapViewer, GoogleMaps and Oracle Spatial to produce the first of three reporting dashboards to enable NOAA Executives, ARRA Program Managers, contracting and grants officers, Legislative Affairs, and many other stakeholders manage and track the progress of obligations and outlays of this ARRA funding based on diverse geographic and administrative boundaries. The Dashboard included information by state / congressional district, recipient reported data, financial information, and contracts / grants data. Learn how this project was developed, the business requirements and considerations, and the benefits derived from this system.


Stephen Elko

Stephen Elko is Chief Architect and Systalex's Site Manager for their NOAA Commerce Business System (CBS) engagement. Mr. Elko has extensive experience in all areas of large-scale systems design /development / implementation and O&M support, including technical architecture; capacity planning; independent validation and verification (IV&V); disaster recovery planning, data center consolidation, and data warehouse implementation with advanced business intelligence capabilities. He has been actively involved in implementing and supporting NOAA's core financial system, data warehouse, travel management and relocation systems and numerous interfaces to these applications.