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Abstract: How Ordnance Survey Great Britain Uses Automated Data Quality Processes for the Geospatial Data Management System

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Ordnance Survey is Great Britain’s national mapping agency. The new Geospatial Data Management System (GDMS) uses Oracle Spatial as the core system platform. The system uses innovative Oracle Database and 1Spatial technology to protect the business critical spatial data assets through optimistic locking and transaction-by-transaction validation. This “sterile geospatial data factory” required important design choices and trade-offs. This talk looks at how building the GDMS addressed these to maximise the benefits of the underlying technology.


Jo Shannon

Jo Shannon is the General Manager of Operations at 1Spatial. Jo is responsible for the operational management of 1Spatial, focusing on the commercial delivery of a wide range of product and project development activities. Jo joined 1Spatial in 2003 and has been fast tracked through many areas of the business and is now a key member of the company’s senior management. Jo led the 1Spatial participation in the GDMS delivery, working closely with Ordnance Survey throughout the project. She has used her experiences of the GDMS project to further develop 1Spatial’s software and project development processes and provides commercial consultation to many areas of the business.

Andrew Howles

Andrew Howles is the Information Systems Principal Architect, Ordnance Survey. Andrew is responsible for ensuring that information technology is exploited to the full in support of Ordnance Survey's business strategy. After reading geography at the University of Cambridge, and then studying for an MSc in geographic information science at University College London, Andrew worked in a consultancy role for a major geographic information systems vendor prior to joining Ordnance Survey in 2006. Significant project work has involved re-engineering the core of Ordnance Survey's data production operations in the Geospatial Data Management System, and the development of the National Address Gazetteer database and the associated AddressBase product, released in September 2011. Andrew recently gained an MBA from the Open University.