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Abstract: Geomarketing Analysis Dashboards at Italy’s Leading Supermarket Chain, UNICOOP Firenze

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Unicoop Firenze is Italy's largest consumer cooperative, with more than one million consumer-members and sales of over 2 billion euros. It has deployed a rich location intelligence system, with interactive geomarketing features, including detailed analysis of business facts and dynamic user-defined areas. The Unicoop system includes a geo-datawarehouse with dashboards to better evaluate business opportunities on a specific territory, on the basis of statistical and socio-economical data coming from Institutional sources.

Unicoop and systems integrator Bridge Consulting deployed this system on an Oracle Database Exadata Machine, together with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, Oracle MapViewer, and Oracle Spatial Network Data Model and Geocoding features
Live demo dashboards report business analyses such as:

  • Territorial analysis of detailed sales transactions ('supermarket-receipts’) for consumer-members and non-members
  • Product traceability to contact the customer in case of any fault or problem
  • Geomarketing analysis:
    • Location relationships of consumers and supermarkets
    • Capability territory studies for siting new supermarket locations
    • Distributions of market share by territories
    • Consumer-members, owned and competition supermarket placement

Bridge Consulting will describe use of the Oracle Spatial Network Data Model to generate precise trade areas (with features such as isochrones, Isodistances), Oracle Spatial functions (sdo_geom) to dynamically refine areas for deep territorial analysis, as well as the integration of the geomarketing features with OBI Publisher. The Oracle Spatial geocoding capability and NOKIA's NAVTEQ ODF dataset were used in constructing the geo-datawarehouse. The presentation will also cover the ROI realized from adopting an entire Oracle architecture for a scalable, performant system delivering valuable location intelligence insights.


Michele Sacchi

Michele Sacchi was born in Florence (Italy) in 1973. He was awarded an Industrial Automation Engineering degree from the University of Florence. Since 2004 he has been working for Bridge Consulting. He initially worked on etl and datawarehouse projects, then he became involved as Senior Expert in Business Intelligence and Reporting projects. He is the leader of the Bridge Consulting BI Reporting team.