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Abstract: Multi-level Distributed Oracle-based Urban GIS: Implementations in Russia

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In Russia there is an increasing demand for GIS in urban development driven by local authorities. In this session CSoft will present the multilevel GIS for urban development implemented in Kaliningrad and Tyumen Regions and Penza municipality, which is designed as a tool providing reliable and up-to-date information for the purposes of effective urban development planning and other urban activity covering all requirements of local and regional authorities. Creation of a distributed data warehouse for spatial and attributive information complies to the full with the standard of the Oracle Database architecture. It evolves owing to new technologies and developing tools offered by Oracle ensuring the system’s productivity and reliability.

Various client applications were developed by CSoft while the key element of the system is a GIS-portal based on Oracle WebLogic Server and CS UrbanView component. It provides the extended functionality for publishing huge amounts of spatial and remote sensing data supporting either Oracle GeoRaster data or free-use (i.e. Google Maps) data. Third-party data providers based on SOA architecture provide the possibility to render on the same map in real-time mode spatial data from Oracle warehouse and remote Federal Cadastre web portal. Additionally supported are thematic mapping, extended spatial search functionality, OLAP analysis and mobile OS support (MaciOS, Android, Symbian).


Alexander Stavitsky

Alexander Stavitsky graduated from Kaliningrad Technical University in 1982 and received a PhD degree in 1987 in Leningrad (St. Petersburgh now). He joined CSoft group in 1994 and from the early years of CSoft group activity he is in charge for the complex GIS projects being implemented by CSoft group all over Russia. During the last decade these projecs were numerously awarded as "Best project on the regional level", "Best municipal project". Being based strictly on Oracle technology CSoft group made the evident success in Oracle WebLogic-based GIS web-portals.