Oracle Spatial Case Studies


Bentley Systems Incorporated

 City of Montreal Uses Bentley Products to Create and Maintain 3D City Model2010, Bentley Systems Incorporated (400KB PDF)

Bentley 3D City GIS Provides Secure, Centralized Database for Rapid Access to Intelligent 3D Data

 City of Helsinki 3D City Model Supports Master Plan2010, Bentley Systems Incorporated (400KB PDF)

Bentley’s 3D Products Underpin Citywide Planning, Clear Communication, and Fast Decision-Making For Development Projects


 US Department of Defense MilitaryHOMEFRONT LBS (PDF 159KB) The US Department of Defense MilitaryHOMEFRONT portal provides service personnel and their families with a one-stop online information resource detailing available services and facilities, near over 250 US installations and worldwide communities.  eSpatial's iSMART and Oracle Spatial 10g, including its routing engine, are the foundation for this location services solution.
 City of Houston - Work Order and Service Request Monitoring System (PDF 140KB) Based on eSpatial's iSMART and Oracle Spatial 10g (including the routing engine), the City of Houston's Public Works and Engineering Department has deployed a work order and service monitoring application that allows users to view citizen requests and work order status over city maps.  This web-based, enterprise solution is integrated with reporting and monitoring tools, and embeds spatial capabilities as part of the city's core engineering applications rather than adding an external "bolt-on" module.
 Elpho (Land Management for Ministry of Agriculture, Greece) (PDF 875KB) Elpho chose eSpatial's iSMART, Oracle9i Spatial, and Oracle9i Application Server, to deliver a system that stores and manages information about olive and vine land parcels in northern Greece.  This system will support a land management system to track the award of government and European Union grants to specific farms.
 IVV - Portuguese Ministry of Agriculture (PDF 657KB) IVV, the Ministry of Agriculture for Portugal has a fully-integrated, complete database for all vineyard information in Portugal, based on eSpatial's iSMART and Oracle Spatial 10g.  The system enables the Portuguese government to comply with European Union regulations regarding payment of agricultural grants
 Great Lakes Laboratory for Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans) (PDF 245KB) A system for risk assessment for different Canadian fish species enables researchers to spatially analyze layers of biological information (such as spawning sites and weed beds), and view the data overlaid on maps of the Great Lakes region.   With data delivery to mobile devices, mobile biologists and enforcement officers in the field can make rapid, informed decisions.
 NOAA Protected Species Information Portal (PDF 303KB) NOAA uses an application developed using eSpatial's iSMART Geospatial Platform and Oracle Spatial to provide a intuitive web-based portal for biologists and consultants to view, track, analyze, and update real-time information regarding endangered and protected marine species.
 eSpatial's GIS Consultancy Drives the Future for HULL City Council's Spatial Data Management (PDF 64KB) Hull City Council (United Kingdom) commissioned a consultancy report by eSpatial to recommend a strategy for greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness in its move toward e-government initiatives and solutions.   Hull  consolidates geographic data centrally in Oracle Spatial, for sharing by and wide availability to different city departments.  eSpatial made recommendations on how Hull can develop the system to best store, distribute, and publish their spatial data.


 Map Production Increased by 50% with the same staff, using new systemESRI: ArcUser, Fall 2011 (HTML) Micahel Traurig of the Land Survey Office of the Czech Republic writes about how new digital topographic maps were published based on a digital database [Oracle 11g + Oracle Spatial] created for the whole area of the former Czechoslovakia using ArcGIS. These new maps inaugurated a continuous updating process for maps. (Case Study)


 ISO Innovative Analytics risk management geoprocessing to develop a nationwide set of risk factors using Oracle SpatialFarallon Geographics Inc., Case Study (HTML) Farallon Geographics uses the spatial optimization features of Oracle 10g to give ISO the ability to define a customized set of potential location-based risk factors, and to compile those factors into nationwide data sets to be analyzed against historical claims and fraud to isolate the most relevant factors. View the related Location Intelligence Conference presentation.
 King County, WA: Homeland Security Public Safety Portal DevelopmentFarallon Geographics Inc., Case Study (HTML) King County, WA has a public safety portal to coordinate emergency response to man-made or natural disasters, consolidating information from over 30 county agencies. Designed and built by Farallon Geographics and King County, the portal uses Oracle Spatial and Oracle Application Server MapViewer to integrate large volumes of both spatial and non-spatial data and includes the ability to display both on a single map.
 Parsons-UXB Joint Venture on Kaho'olawe Island Reserve Demilitarization GISFarallon Geographics Inc., Case Study (HTML) Oracle partner Farallon Geographics under prime contractor Parsons-UXB, developed the Kaho'olawe GIS using an Oracle 9i spatial database. The GIS tracks the location, disposition and handling of every suspected unexploded ordnance item uncovered on the island, plus the location of any historically significant sites, natural resources or environmental hazards. View the Geospatial Solutions magazine article on the project.


 TransCanada PipeLines Implements Intergraph Technology to Spearhead a Successful Enterprisewide ApplicationIntergraph, Case Study (HTML) TransCanada Pipelines (TCPL) GeoFind project, uses Intergraph technology with Oracle Spatial to provide employees with advanced query and geospatial search capabilities on TCPL facilities enabling staff to make timely business decisions.


 Rhineland-Palatinate State Office Simplifies Water Management with Map-based SolutionOracle Customer Snapshot (PDF 156KB) “Our new measuring points solution is much easier to administer, saves time through the automation of master data acquisition, facilitates geographical navigation and—thanks to the map view—provides a better quality of data. What’s more, in Oracle Application Express we now have a tool with which our division can very efficiently implement development tasks as they come up.”—Salvador Gámez, Head of Division for Specialist Data Processing, Water Management, Rhineland-Palatinate State Office for the Environment, Water Management and Business Supervision
 Octo Telematics revolutionizes “Connected Vehicle” market with industry-leading information services.Oracle Customer Snapshot (PDF 96KB) “Oracle Database is an ‘industrial must’ for our next-generation telematics solutions that are setting new standards of performance, efficiency, and customer service for the automobile industry.” – Massimo Capozza, Business Development Engineer, Octo Telematics
 Mining High-Dimensional Data for Information Fusion: A Database-Centric Approach—Oracle (PDF 344KB) Data mining on high-dimensional heterogeneous data is a crucial component in information fusion application domains such as remote sensing, surveillance, and homeland security. The information processing requirements of these domains place a premium on security, robustness, performance, and sophisticated analytic methods. This paper introduces a database-centric approach that enables data mining and analysis of data that typically interest the information fusion community.
 Exor Corporation Builds World's First and Only Out-of-the-Box Solution for Managing Linear AssetsOracle Customer Snapshot (PDF 40KB) Exor uses Oracle technologies, including Oracle Spatial and Oracle Fusion Middleware MapViewer, to build a suite of asset management products providing an enterprise-wide view of assets. The suite enables customers to reduce infrastructure costs, improve operational efficiences, and enhance spatial and geographic planning while protecting existing technology investments.
 National Forest Centre of Slovakia: Project Provides Online Access to Central Forest Data WarehouseOracle Case Study (PDF 736KB) National Forest Centre of Slovakia uses Oracle Database 10g and Oracle tools, including Oracle Spatial MapViewer, to do rapid development of an application granting online access to a central forest data warehouse. Developed in 3 months, the application provides users with the ability to easily search for and visualize information and also use digital forest maps to locate information in an intuitive way and analyze the geographical context.
 PEMEX SICORI quintuplica su productividad en la generaci&#243n de servicios de informaci&#243n geoespacial con innovadora plataforma tecnol&#243gicaCustomer Reference (Spanish) (PDF 30KB) Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX), Mexico's national oil company and one of the largest state petroleum companies in the world, has increased productivity by 500% for its geospatial services supporting exploration, production, and other operations, using Oracle Spatial 10g.

Pitney Bowes

 Northern Ireland Water Shares Network Asset Data Across the Enterprise (PDF 420KB) "Northern Ireland Water’s implementation partner WRc built the spatial aspect of the CAR [Corporate Asset Register], which consists of a central GIS data warehouse based on Oracle Database 10g Spatial and Pitney Bowes Business Insight’s MapInfo Professional v10.5. Named AssetMapper, the new system not only acts as a central repository of GIS data, but also as an integration platform for a number of systems that need to access and work with that data..."


 Geomatica GeoCapacity Information SystemsA PCI Geomatics White Paper (PDF 417KB) The Canadian government uses PCI Geomatics' CGIS (GeoCapacity Information Systems), built on an Oracle 10g Spatial database to create the Mapping Centre reducing image-processing and map-generation time from days to minutes. (Note: Sections 1-4 of this white paper are dedicated to describing CGIS. Section 5 describes the Mapping Centre applications.)
 Oracle Spatial: Narrowing the Gap Between CAD and GIS: A Topobase™ Implementation Case StudyA Case Study (PDF 599KB)

The Las Vegas Valley Water District AM/FM/GIS Division has modernized their CAD-GIS integration using Autodesk's Topobase with Oracle Spatial, eliminating 80% of their in-house customization. This paper by Keath Long and Matt Seidl covers the implementation of Topobase, used to enable facility management, as a replacement for the multiple in-house applications that previously enabled CAD-GIS integration. Various advanced features of Topobase will be explored, in addition to examples of how the open architecture behind Oracle Spatial and Spatial's native SQL capabilities allow for elegant interoperability solutions.  This implementation eliminated 80% of their in-house customization, enabled them to provide more accurate data to customers, and is expected to save costs significantly.

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