Oracle Rdb® Extension to Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g User Guide
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1 Introduction

1.1 Overview
1.2 Requirements

2 Target Discovery

2.1 Adding an Oracle Rdb Database Entity Target
2.2 Adding an Oracle Rdb Monitor Entity Target
2.3 Adding an Oracle Rdb SQL/Services Server Entity Target
2.4 Adding an Oracle Rdb SQL/Services Dispatcher Entity Target
2.5 Adding an Oracle Rdb SQL/Services Service Entity Target

3 Oracle Rdb Database Entity Metrics

3.1 Introduction
3.2 Metrics
Summary IO Statistics
Summary Locking Statistics
Summary Object Statistics
Summary Transaction Statistics
Records Statistics
Snapshot Statistics
AIJ Information
AIJ Journals
AIJ Space
AIJ Statistics
Group Commit Statistics
ALS Statistics
2PC Statistics
RUJ Statistics
Fast Incremental Backup Statistics
Checkpoint Statistics
Recovery Statistics
Page I/O - Data Fetches
Page I/O - SPAM Fetches
Page I/O - Data Prefetches
Page I/O - SPAM Prefetches
Page I/O - SPAM Access
Page I/O - Data Writes
Page I/O - Miscellaneous
Page I/O - File Access
Page I/O - Asynchronous IO Statistics
Page I/O - I/O Stall Time Statistics
Total Locks
Area Locks
Buffer / Page Locks
Record Locks
Sequence Block (SEQBLK) Locks
File Identification (FILID) Locks
Transaction Block (TSNBLK) Locks
Run-time User Process Block (RTUPB) Locks
Active User Bitmap (ACTIVE) Locks
Node Bitmap (MEMBIT) Locks
AIJ Locks
Snapshot Locks
Freeze Locks
Quiet Point Locks
Logical Area Locks
Nowait Transaction Locks
Client Locks
Locks Requested
Lock Requests Not Queued
Lock Requests Stalled
Lock Request Timeouts
Lock Request Deadlocks
Locks Promoted
Lock Promotions Not Queued
Lock Promotion Stalls
Lock Promotion Timeouts
Lock Promotion Deadlocks
Locks Demoted
Locks Released
Blocking ASTs from Lock Manager
Lock Wait Time (x100)
Index Retrieval Statistics
Index Insertion Statistics
Index Removal Statistics
Hash Index Statistics
KROOT Object Statistics
FILID Object Statistics
SEQBLK Object Statistics
TSNBLK Object Statistics
AIJDB Object Statistics
AIJFB Object Statistics
RTUPB Object Statistics
ACTIVE Object Statistics
CPT Object Statistics
RCACHE Object Statistics
CLIENT Object Statistics
CLTSEQ Object Statistics
UTILITY Object Statistics
Objects Fetched Shared Statistics
Objects Fetched Exclusive Statistics
Objects Refreshed Statistics
Objects Modified Statistics
Objects Written Statistics
Objects Released Statistics
Process Accounting Information
Active Users and Stall Messages

4 Oracle Rdb Monitor Entity Metrics

4.1 Introduction
4.2 Metrics
General Information

5 Oracle Rdb SQL/Services Server Entity Metrics

5.1 Introduction
5.2 Metrics
General Information
List of Clients
List of Dispatchers
List of Services

6 Oracle Rdb SQL/Services Dispatcher Entity Metrics

6.1 Introduction
6.2 Metrics
General Information

7 Oracle Rdb SQL/Services Service Entity Metrics

7.1 Introduction
7.2 Metrics
General Information
List of Clients