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Preventing Access to Application Data from Highly Privileged Users

Authoritative security studies have documented that more than 70% of information system data losses and attacks have been perpetrated by 'insiders' — those authorized with some level of access to the system and its data. Click here to learn how to prevent this threat with 'Realms'.

Using Realms to prevent access by highly privileged users
(Overview (pdf) | step-by-step guide)

Customizing Database Vault Separation of Duty

Oracle Database Vault provides powerful separation of duty controls and protects the database from unauthorized changes. Oracle Database Vault will block a DBA with the CREATE USER privilege from creating a new user if the DBA doesn't have the proper user administration role. In addition, command rules can be defined for all SQL commands to provide control over the command execution.

Customizing Database Vault Separation of Duty
(Overview (pdf) | step-by-step guide)

Control Access to Applications, Data and Databases

Oracle Database Vault Factors and Rules can be used to significantly tighten application security by limiting who, when, where and how an application is accessed. These features can be used in a flexible and adaptable manner to enforce authorization requirements, without requiring changes to the existing applications. Factors such as time of day, database client's location on a network, or custom factors specific to the enterprise can control the ability to access the application. Click here to see how Oracle Database Vault multi-factor authorization significantly strengthens security.

Controlling Access to Applications, Data and Databases
(Overview (pdf) | step-by-step guide)

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Protect Application Data from DBA and Privileged Users (Viewlet | Oracle by Example)
Restrict DBA commands based on IP address (Viewlet | Oracle by Example)

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