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Business Use Case Three

Control Access to Applications

Oracle Database Vault Use Case Three (Create a Rule Set)
Oracle Database Vault Use Case Three (Associate rules to the Rule Set)
Oracle Database Vault Use Case One (Associate Rule Set to Command Rule)
Create a Rule Set Associate rules to the Rule Set Associate Rule Set to Command Rule

Point your Browser to the Oracle Database Vault Web Administration Interface (dva) using the following URL:


and login using the Database Vault owner account. Click on 'Rule Sets', and create a rule set as shown here:

The same could be achieved using the following script:

  rule_set_name => ‘Enforce Local Access’,
  description => ‘Enforce Local Access’,
  enabled => ‘Y’,
  eval_options => 1,
  audit_options => 1,
  fail_options => 1,
  fail_message => '',
  fail_code => 0,
  handler_options => 0,
  handler => NULL);

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